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Questions & Answers - Butane Hash Oil aka BHO

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Can I discuss making hash oil using the butane method?

Yes, as we recently relaxed our policy on this.

420 Magazine does not want to put the safety of our members at risk, so please note that using butane is still considered a dangerous method because of the risk of explosion and/or fire. Due to member feedback, we have reconsidered our previous ban on such discussions and feel that in our community of knowledge-sharing, the risk of danger is outweighed by the benefits of experienced members advising others on best practice safety procedures.

From a health stand point, alkanes, such as butane and mixtures of alkanes (petroleum ether) are actually relatively safe when exposure is limited. This class of molecule has a very narrow range of chemical reactivity, and is simply unable to react with the chemicals inside of the body. The main concerns associated with alkanes are from excessive exposure. Excessive exposure to your skin can lead to defatting. This happens because the solvents can dissolve the cell membrane, but such exposure typically requires prolonged direct contact (such as complete immersion of ones arm or leg in the solvent). The continued inhalation of high concentrations of the vapors (>>1000 PPM) can also damage internal cells via a similar mechanism. This is especially dangerous to the brain. Ingestion of large amounts of these chemicals produces the same effects as well.

Further toxic affects can be traced to unintentional or intentional impurities in the butane. Butane is often sold as a mixture with small amounts of odorants. The odorants are used to increase the detection of leaks for safety reasons, but when used as a solvent, butane with these odorants poses a toxicity problem.

420 Magazine takes no responsibility for those who choose to use this method, and we urge you to conduct thorough research and take every possible precaution should you decide to proceed.

Therefore while we do permit discussions of BHO we actively encourage the use of cleaner and safer extraction methods. We have a number of threads dedicated to Cannabis concentrates.

Cannabis Concentrates - The Extraction Process of Cannabinoids
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