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With the LED grow light market maturing, and consumers becoming more knowledgeable, there's a trend towards growers assembling their own panels from separate components. As a result, we have had to develop a policy to deal with these journals: we always have to watch out for non-sponsor LED spam, however at the same time we want to retain 420 Magazine's position as the premiere information and knowledge-sharing cannabis website.

All journals using DIY LEDs and COBs should be placed in the DIY forum. DIY LED journals in Journals In Progress will be moved here by our Moderation team. The DIY LED/COB sector is full of knowledgeable DIYers, as well as a growing number of interested new growers and, in the interest of providing easy access to the data, we are gathering all the journals in the same place.

Additionally, this serves to separate the DIY grow lighting from journals featuring our paying sponsors. This avoids conflict between the income which supports and maintains 420 Magazine and non-sponsor promotion, whilst retaining our vital function as a key centre of knowledge-sharing.
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