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Questions & Answers - Fake Email Addresses

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Teddy Edwards

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Does it matter which of my email accounts I use?

We only ask that whichever of your email accounts you register, it's one that you access and use regularly.

Old and unaccessed or closed email accounts can cause us considerable problems.

This is from our Posting Guidelines:

Please register a legitimate email address that you check on a regular basis. When members use a fake email and abandon it, the server keeps sending email notifications and newsletters to that email. If the email is closed, then the email provider reports to the internet police that we are spamming. This results in us being blocked and/or blacklisted and everybody suffers. The second consequence is that members try to login and can't because they have to access the old email to do a password change, etc. As a result, we have to spend a lot of time with them, attempting to get them back into their account. For the reasons stated above, any accounts found to be linked to email accounts that are bouncing back, are automatically moved to the "users awaiting email validation" usergroup and will lose the ability of future access as a result.

Please note that it's a simple process to change your registered email address. Just go to your username at the very top of the screen, click on Preferences > Account Details > Email > Change
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