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I am offended/annoyed by something that someone has posted. Why can’t I give them a piece of my mind?

Our members are mature and serious about bringing the positive message of Hemp and Cannabis awareness to the world and we treat each other with respect and dignity. If someone makes a post that offends you or violates our Posting Guidelines, please use the report post feature. Every thread contains a
"Report" button located in the bottom left of every post and in the top right of every private message. Please feel comfortable utilizing this feature. Our moderators will get your report and treat it with discretion while resolving the problem. Please do not engage or reply directly to a post that offends you or violates our guidelines. This tends to make the problem more complicated for the moderators to resolve. If you are just annoyed by something someone posts but the post itself is not actually offensive or does not violate any of the guidelines, we would suggest that you take a moment to breathe, medicate and remember that not everyone who comes here has the same level of experience or knowledge about Cannabis or Hemp. Even when you believe the information provided by others is wrong, we ask that you express your opinions in a polite and respectful way. This is a place of learning and educating, not a place of insults or name-calling.
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