Questions for MMJ Patients

Tiger Bass

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I have the honor of delivering a persuasive speech supporting the reformation of medical marijuana laws the day before 4/20.

In order to give my paper more credibility, I wanted to present the opinions and thoughts of people who are currently being administered Medical Marijuana under a doctor's order or have in the past. I am doing this because I truly want to inform and persuade people on the topic. I do not wish to offend or alienate anyone of this community. So please do not hesitate to not answer particular questions if they are too personal or PM them to me if you simply don't want it known publicly.

1. How long have you been prescribed Medical Marijuana?
2. What were your original feelings towards Marijuana prior to using MMJ as a medication? (It was good, bad, etc)
3. Did you partake in recreational marijuana use before your MMJ prescription? If so, for how long.
4. How has it affected your work, social life, and family?
5. Since using MMJ, how has your quality of life been affected?

Thank you for help :peace:
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