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Questions for you experts....this seems to be the place for this

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Greetings from Dogduck in Maine, I have a med card and am going to be a care giver-never grown inside before and have been having a blast researching this site. I plan on putting a 4x4x7 tent in my cellar of my old farm house. It is all granite and stays fairly cool even in the summer. I burn wood in the winter so the only heat down there is when my furnace occasionally turns on. I do have a duct down there I can turn on if needed(when furnace is running.

I am looking at a
iPower GLSETX600DHMWING20 600-Watt Light Digital Dimmable HPS MH Grow Light System with no hood vent and I am getting the New Hydroponic 6" Inline Fan With Carbon Filter Combo Odor Control Air Quiet system. I want to put an air intake on the bottom of the tent with a 6inch intake fan(which will be sucking in fairly cool air in the winter months and a oscillating fan inside ...I am also getting timmers,speed controllers etc. I found a
G8LED 90 Watt LED All RED Flowering BOOST Grow Light for free so I plan hooking that up in conjuction with my 600 watt for flowering. So will this set up be ok in a cool unheated cellar without venting my light system? Anything I should know?? any advice is welcome...Thanks
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Just so you all can see where I am headed along with the info from the above post I am getting inline air fans,all the duct work, speed controllers,iPower GLTIME Hydroponics HPS MH 24-Hour Timer for Grow Light,5 Gallon Aeration Containers,Lasko 2521 Oscillating Stand Fan, 16-Inch ,AcuRite 00613A1 Indoor Humidity/Temp Monitor, and all the ingredients for a large batch of Subcool's Super Soil----about $1000.00 even for everything including the tent....How am I doing...miss anything? Suggestions??
I find cellars/basements are generally a bad place to grow, they are too cold to grow well, marijuana grows best in a warm (70-80F)and doesn't grow at all below 60(which is what my cellar is normaly). If I was to put my grow in the basement I'd make sure I had a way to heat the air going in to keep them at a good growing temp. then there' the dampness which helps promote molds and fungi which can attack the marijuana you' need to keep you humidity in check too.


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growing in the basement, in winter, will more than likely give you some heavy humidity issues. Proper venting is going to be your major concern. Measure the relative humidity in there with your lights running and everything before you get your plants in there that way you have an idea of what you're going to be working with. This will also give you a rough idea of what temps youll be dealing with too, so you know if you need to do anything to supplement your grow area.

Better to know before hand, and do it right the first time yeah?
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Good advice everyone...thank so much......Maybe I will talk the little women into letting me do it one of the kids old bedrooms upstairs....I do have it shut off but there is heat that goes up through vent...maybe set my tent in the middle of the floor up there


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If you can get away with it, yeah just set it up in a spare bedroom.
If any have a walk in closet with an attic vent, thats a huge bonus.

You'll find it alot easier to control your conditions growing in a bedroom than in a basement, but that's just my two cents.
(im not saying the basement wont work by any means btw)

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i have grown in cellars in winter and summer and found both seasons no prob at all ,i just kept a heater next to the intake during dark cycle in winter and ran day cycle through the night in summer ....worked well :)
I agree with indica vet.