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Questions on cloner, lights?


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I have couple plants on third week in veg and am thinking of getting a cloner.
What kind? Hydro with pump and clonex or something else they will be going in soil. So a hydro cloner would be ok wouldn’t it. Also I need lights for cloner and small clones will t5 be ok? I bet in quantum boards. But was looking for something cheap to clone and keep the young plants?
Also how old should plant be that I take clones off from. My plants are clones and was thinking of using them


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These are the plants I wanna clone


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Can clone quite easily in any old 99p humidity box with root riots and clonex mate. Lots of people use T5 for them. Personally I've got a 130w CFL reflector for the nursery and it does the damage. Was only £30. Just realised my bulb needs replacing cos this run came out tiny but I've been using it for 3 years so it's hardly a wonder it happened eventually lol.


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Easiest clones - take the cuttings, put them in the soil or medium you’re planning on growing in. (For me soil) water every time they look droopy, but don’t ever cover them or dome them.
You can check to see if they’re growing roots if you give them a slight tug and there’s resistance.

So far every cutting I’ve taken has rooted like this, even 2 cuttings taken 5 weeks into flower.
Also I keep these alive and growing great roots under an incandescence bulb. T5 would be good for tons of clones.
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