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Questions Regarding Lights


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I recently Purchased an 8 bank T5 Sunleaves Grow Light with 4 Red And 4 Blue spectrum lights and I put my plants on a 12 hour light cycle and I was wondering what effect the 4 Blue lights are going to have on the buds, compared to having a full set of 8 Red spetrum lights.

They are two plants one is 19" the other is 16".


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Hi canis, I am not a rocket scientist or anything, but I think with your T5, well I don't really know. But I do know its a good thing to have those blue spectrum. If it were me and I was using T5 to grow, I would use only two of the blue spectrum bulbs.
I saw a little 100 watt hps, built in ballast and comes with a bulb for a hundred bucks. I always recommend hid lighting.

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First off :welcome: to 420. Well Canis to be honest the mixed spectrum does well. But if your doing just flower I would say go full red spectrum. Mmj reacts better to a red spectrum durring flower. But again you could go either way. :goodluck:
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