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hank almighty

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hello once again people, i managed to get a hold of these bulbs when my friend was cleaning out her dads house and id like to know if i can use them, its only for one plant and the rooms not that big, they are normal bulbs but there the old 100 watts before all the new laws came in, the old e class bulbs, do people think these would be sufficent, if not can someone suggest a simple bulb thats cheep and i can bodge a rigging too, thankx for any advive fellow growers and i shal hope to here from you soon. p.s. sorry about the pic, it was the first dvd i picked up :p


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no, those bulbs are not for growing cannabis. I can tell from your question that you don't know very much about growing so I would suggest reading this before asking any more questions:

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hank almighty

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no, this is just my 1st indoor grow, i just like experimenting, get closser and closer every year, just started to get wound up for taking to long, and they tend to get between 20% and 50% mold also outside, i get the amount of mould down every year and the get bigger every year, i just like trail and error.... not reading ^.^ not researching, reseching is to search again and to repeat what you have been told, searching is trying to find your own answeres. shal speak to you all later people. :yummy:


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Well there won't be much trial and error without some basic knowledge. We can't help you if you won't help yourself. HempRocket gave you great links to try and help you out.

Here's an answer to your question. Those wont work. Go buy CFL's(the spiral lightbulbs). For vegin look for ones that says "cool light" and for flowering look for ones that say "warm light".
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