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Quick question, before its too late


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Basically we dont get on with my GFs family. Cos all they ever do is try and cause shit between us.

My GFs mum had her other daughter (My GFs sister) removed from there house by the police the other night and they asked where they could take her to calm down at which point her bitch of a mum said take her to her sisters.

At this point her fucked up sister decided to say "I dont want to to that drug dealers house" the police then asked for my address which she happily gave them.

She doesnt know that i grow here or that i sell anything she just said it to be a bitch. My questin is, is this statement and the fact they have my address enough for a search warrant. I do have previous if they were to check.

This was 3 days ago now and i was told warrants take 7 days to process so its getting ever closer i also live in a bad area which is known to the police.

What you guys recon? I live in the UK by the way.


Dunno - if they have better things to do than solve squabbles between your girlfriend's family they might not bother. Alleging that you are a "drug dealer" without more details isn't much of a statement. You may need to see a barrister or solicitor - can't remember what the distinction between them is.

Just saying - cause around (USA) in big cities, the police probably wouldn't get a warrant over that, they have people shooting each other so simply someone who was agitated enough to need their services calling a third party "drug dealer" isn't really evidence without further information.


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In uk statements of third party citizens made to officers while operating under their oath, common law, are enough probable cause to get a constable to write a warrant. Like in Canada the rmcp only needs it mentioned in police report,

"the subject stated the family member was a quote 'drug dealer' and provided an address where the drug house is operating. The address is x"

And you get investigators come a knocking. Might be 2 days, 3 months, 9 months, but they follow up. Also if the report goes to the prosecutor, and he reads, he can send his investigators to just check it out. Also in uk, on report, your search and seizure rights are gone, so you come home to find them in your place.

In canada that's how to roll. They just check you out while you are gone. Oh and if apt or ward housing, no warrant needed, if landlord will help.

Dump that girlfriend if she won't cut the family off. Unless you think freedom is worth less than a pinch of sweetness.


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McCrackin said:

Dump that girlfriend if she won't cut the family off. Unless you think freedom is worth less than a pinch of sweetness.

There's the best advice you're likely to get. Gf needs to dump the fam or you need to dump her. Period. Right? Fair? Nope. Only realistic. The family will cause problems for you, again and again. It's what some people do.

Other than that? If you know you've been made, it might be a great time to take break from cultivation/sales and stash all your equipment. Sucks, but they can't bust you if you don't have anything...and better than going to jail.

Regardless, gf or her fam must go, unless she is truly worth your freedom. Best of luck to you. Easy for me to say 'dump her' - lots harder to be in your shoes and need to do it. Stay safe.
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