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Quick question,need help with watering in end of flowering.


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Heya guys,its me again with my first grow and 100 questions.My plants are under 1kw and 10 weeks veged and strain is 3 months flowering time,I have about less than month left I think.So,I need some advice with ppm,my plants can handle some ppm for sure,but what would you suggest for maximum yield,last 2 times I think I gave 1000 PPM,I kind a mixed up and it was like flush run,couple days before I gave 1800 PPM (only nutes,not counting water),so I was thinking can I go 1000PPM,1800PPM,1000PPM,1800PPM and so on? What you think? I might even try another time stronger because they dont seem to really care high PPM,in veg some more nutes and burn,now...not even corners.Im afraid if this will not be the case when I dramatically slow down growth with this PPM,advices pls,strain big bud.:420:
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