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hey peeps i got a quick question on MMJ............now im a 21 male from tha city tha neva sleeps (NYC) I ASKED my doctor if i was eligible for MMJ he told me NY doesnt accept the use of MMJ.....but it sounds fishy because my mother who is HIV+ doctor gave her maranole witch is made from canabis but doesnt get u stoned it givs u the ill case of the munichies........tho i am allso disabled like my mother for 21yrs thas right we are fighters we r perfectly healthy but was thinking of moveing to CA nd wanted to know if it would be a hassle to be accepted 4 MMJ use ......what i do know is they do treat people that hav AIDS so do they treat people with HIV ?.....and would any med companys like medacare pay?.....or would it com strate from my pocket.............THANKS AGEN 420 i love this site!


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Marinol is considered a schedule 3 drug by the fed thus making it available for prescription use. Cannabis has been placed as schedule 1 next to ****** with the Fed's claiming no medicinal value.

Generally speaking, CA would be much more compassionate to you and your family. Choosing a county or city should be researched further though as the friendliness towards your plight may vary from county to county and so on.

As of now, Medicare will not pay. Expect to pay out of pocket (for now), or if you are extremely lucky you may be able to join a collective that may exchange service—trimming, bookkeeping, or a plethora of other duties--for medication. Another plus about the west coast is that cost is generally much lower then what you may be used to in NYC.

The laws seem to be changing faster then most can keep up. I wish you the best future.
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