Quick Question w/ Pics Please Help!


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Okay this is about 12 days from germination. And i just transplanted it into this 5 gal hempy bucket the other day

you can see the leaves yellowing i think its either a mg or nitrogen def. what do you think?? and how should i handle it??

i havent watered since I transplanted two days ago because i was hoping that drying out the roots would make them reach the bottom faster. but today after noticing the yellow on the bottom leaves, I mixed about 1ml of gh grow with about a liter and a half of water and watered around the plant with about half the bottle, so i guess thats about .75L. not much just wanted to wet the medium a little

But whats that white stuff on leaves??

In case your wondering im using a 600watt mh dimmable ballast which i usually have running at 50% because of heat issues. But the outside temps here have really cooled down, so yesterday and today i had it at 100%






Whats this white stuff???


I thought it was bad to dim any bulb other than a 1000W, but idk for sure. Keep it undimmed whenever possible though, that much is for sure. Moving them to such a big container might have something to do with the issue. It means evaporating all the surrounding water in the medium will take that much longer. What is your humidity and temps at?
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