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stoned snake

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allright iv had 2 plants going for about a month now and after looking a bit at the grow logs iv noticed mine are alot smaller than 1 month olds why is this?
right now i have then just siting by my window i keep the soil pretty moist and they get sun every day cause my room is the sunniest room in the house could it be a heat issue i keep my room at about 21 c but as soon as i get some cash im making a grow box


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I'd say your worst problem would probly be light. It's winter time and the sun isn't out long enough and it wouldn't be as strong by a window as under a proper light.

stoned snake

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so would 24 hr light be allright? and whot king of lamp do i get so my energey bill dosent jump up like craz o ps im writing this with a cop sitting behind me lol college brings alot of people togather dosent it?


Lol, X

Anyways, 18 hours of light is better from what i've read. You can use flourescent lights or high intensity discharge lamps, don't bother with incandescent bulbs as they waste too much energy as heat. If its just one plant you'd probably be better off just getting a couple compact flourescent light bulbs, those high effenancy spiral twisty light bulbs, and supplementing the sunlight with those. If you want to put a real investment into it then get a HID system, but then you'd want to grow more then 1 plant at a time to get the most bang for your buck. And don't let the cop read over your shoulder.
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