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Quick wash or long soak for ISO extraction

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So my last run i did a quick wash and then tokk all tge washed material and soaked it agian with fresh iso and boiled that off seperate from the quick wash.

Got around 20% more out of the rewashes material.

So i ask whats better a long or short soak?


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I prefer short time period for the first wash. I use 7g dried flower and rly only swish it around for 30 seconds. Strain into glass jar, then do it again w/fresh 7g. I reduce it all down and get 2.5g approx. of RSO. I let airy-dry the material and store it for a second longer run of 5 minutes soak before completely discarding the material.


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A long soak will pull more out of the plant and not just from the trichomes. If your after a cleaner dabbable concentrate a quick wash is preferred.
Quick wash is for quick and easy small amounts of quality material, but should never be considered for production runs as it is extremely inefficient, take that to mean, leave more behind than extract. For production runs, long soak, and all the lengthy process necessary to purify.