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Quinn To Act On Medical Marijuana Bill Next Week

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Illinois Governor Pat Quinn said he will act on the state's medical marijuana bill next week.

Quinn made the comments to reporters at an event in Chicago on Tuesday. He said his decision on the bill will be "very important", but didn't say whether he was going to sign it. The governor had previously met with a veteran who was using medical marijuana to help with pain. After that meeting, Quinn stated that he was "open minded" on the issue.

Lawmakers approved the medical marijuana bill in May, with Representative Naomi Jakobsson and Senator Mike Frerichs the only two yes votes among local lawmakers.

The plan allows doctors to prescribe marijuana to patients with specific illnesses or medical conditions. Cancer, multiple sclerosis and HIV are among the 33 illnesses listed in the bill. The measure also gives a framework for a four-year pilot program that includes requiring patients and caregivers to undergo background checks.


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Author: Tim Ditman
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