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I am gathering news that do not come from the official sources, it is very clear that mainstream media is hiding much info about this and governments are lying.

Here is my own blog of the subject, it is in Finnish but maybe you can use web translation:

[:] Media ja STUK salaavat tietoa Japanin ydinonnettomuudesta: Suomessa on säteilyvaara! [:] — SirHenriRisti

Kanada and USA radiation alert!!

Report: 1.68 µSv/hr detected in Canadian rain water sample — Geiger counter display reads “DANGEROUS RADIATION BACKGROUND” « ENENEWS.COM


"The mainstream media today halted nearly all accurate reporting of the worsening situation in Japan, writing off the whole thing as a "non issue."

I am a biologist myself and just want to give my opinion to everyone around the globe: stay inside. There was many chemical factories also burning and in the atmosphere there is now very poisonous material, for a short time. These chemicals were combined in the air to the nuclear waste from the nuclear plants. The nuclear waste can stay in the jet streams for many years, so this event will affect our world for centuries.. But now the best way to protect yourself is to stay inside. No need to panic, but it is very unhealthy to inhale these poisons.

Governments do not tell for example, that there is almost 500 different radioactive isotopes that are emitting from the melted reactors, that has been lasting almost for two weeks now: iodine and cesium are not so dangerous, than many other isotopes. Also they ofte say, that small amounts of radiation is healthy, that may be true, in a natural spa, but these are synthetic isotopes and very dangerous! Even synthetic vitamins are unhealthy.

"The scientific research base shows that there is no threshold of exposure below which low levels of ionizing radiation can be demonstrated to be harmless or beneficial," said committee chair Richard R. Monson, associate dean for professional education and professor of epidemiology, Harvard School of Public Health

It is also very important to people know that little children an pregnant women are especially in danger for even a small amount of the synthetic particles, that have escaped from Fukushima. It is not natural radiation, that can even heal you in a natural spa.. They are synthetic isotopes that have formed in a nuclear disaster, so I recommend to stay indoors until this is over. Get as many plants you can, these will purify the air in your apartment.

Here is Japan, Norway and France videos where you can see how the radioactive plume has spreaded:

‪Fukushima - the worst nuclear disaster in history‬‏ - YouTube

And when you see this Chernobylvideo, you really can imagine Fukushima is like a hunred times more worse:

Accident de Tchernobyl : déplacement du nuage radioactif au dessus de l'Europe entre le 26 avril et le 10 mai 1986

Here is a couple of links I have already gathered:

NHK News Flash: Electricity cut at Reactors No. 3 and 4, cooling system shut down — TEPCO says no “major” change in radiation around plant « ENENEWS.COM

Radioactive tritium has leaked from 3/4 of U.S. commercial nuclear power sites » Corpus Christi Caller-Times

S.O.S. From Fukushima: Silence is Deadly in Japan - Salem-News.Com

#Radiation in Japan: Ashes With Up To 100K Becquerels/Kg Cesium May Be Buried, If Ministry of Environment So Decides | EX-SKF

Japan To Deal With Radioactive Sewage By Using It To Produce Cement

Totally Insane Japanese Government To Permit Radioactive Cement!

Nuclear Ash Cloud Of Radiation Raining On Tokyo From Burning Of Radioactive Fukushima Sewage Sludge

Extremely Radioactive Sewage Engulfs Radius of 65 KM From Fukushima

#Radiation in Japan: Ashes With Up To 100K Becquerels/Kg Cesium May Be Buried, If Ministry of Environment So Decides

Report: 1.68 µSv/hr detected in Canadian rain water sample — Geiger counter display reads “DANGEROUS RADIATION BACKGROUND” « ENENEWS.COM

Report: Peaches in Los Angeles-area found with radiation at more than double site background levels « ENENEWS.COM

Curium-244 detected for first time outside Fukushima plant – Requires lead shield 20 times thicker than Plutonium-238 « ENENEWS.COM

Report: Air sample in Tokyo 270 times more contaminated with Cesium-137 than global weapons fallout peak (VIDEO) « ENENEWS.COM

Food-safety concerns increasing after gov’t mishandles radioactive beef problem: Industry official « ENENEWS.COM

Report: 50,000+ Bq/kg of radioactive cesium found in soil near Tokyo — “Terrifying” that sample was from side of street where children walk everyday « ENENEWS.COM

Private testing finds high concentration of Plutonium in soil over 30 miles from Fukushima — “Very high radiation that is very different to what the gov’t released” « ENENEWS.COM

Scientists: Chernobyl resulted in 985,000 deaths worldwide as of 2004 — 500 percent more cancer fatalities when using MOX « ENENEWS.COM

Nuclear Physicist: Most of the fallout from plutonium-containing MOX fuel will drop on U.S., unless very strong winds take it elsewhere « ENENEWS.COM

Governments Have Been Covering Up Nuclear Meltdowns for Fifty Years to Protect the Nuclear Power Industry | zero hedge
Fukushima Raised To Level 6 On INES Scale: Now Officially More "Serious" Than 3 Mile Island | zero hedge
Chp 4: Is Any Radiation "Safe"?, "Poisoned Power, The Case Against Nuclear Power Plants"
Radioactive Winds chase evacuees in Japan; Hawaii threatened by Fukushima fallout ~ Setyoufree News
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“No Happy Endingâ€Â: Nuclear Experts Say Japan’s Disaster is Intensifying
Radioactive Fallout After Nuclear Explosions and Accidents, Volume 3 - Deborah Morley - ebook -
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Meltdown 101: What are spent-fuel pools and why are they a threat? - CSMonitor.com
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Plutonium In Fuel Rods: Cause For Concern? : NPR
Third Japanese reactor to load MOX
MOX to Japan: the largest shipment of plutonium in history - Nuclear Reaction - A Greenpeace blog about nuclear power
Plutonium threat at Japan reactor, expert warns | Cutting Edge - CNET News
A Nuclear Nightmare Approaches as Japan Situation Worsens
BBC News - Japan quake: Radiation rises at Fukushima nuclear plant
Japan Earthquake: State Of Emergency Declared At Onagawa Nuclear Power Plant
Fire at Tohoku Elec Onagawa nuclear plant -Kyodo | Reuters
Ultimate impact of damage to Japan nuclear reactors still unknown
Threat to third Fukushima nuke reactor ? The Register
Sherrie Questioning All: Japan - Exploded Nuclear Plant Uses MOX Fuel - Not Uranium! What is that? Just 2 MILLION Times WORSE than Uranium or Chernobyl's Meltdown!
PressTV - Blast at nuclear plant puts Japan at risk
Possible Fukushima Nuclear Fallout Projections For the U.S, MOX Fuel In Plant #3 :
Reactor explodes, Japan issues nuclear alert - Rediff.com News
Expert Ranks Fukushima Meltdown Worse Than Three Mile Island
» Japanese Nuclear Meltdown Confirmed Alex Jones' Infowars: There's a war on for your mind!


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Great post.

Incredible how media everywhere ignores this like it is a non-issue. This and the BP Horizon disaster.
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