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This Saturday, I'm going to call into Talk Radio on the Saturday Night America show and talk about the Drug War. The show is on 8-11 (EST) if you want to listen in. I'm not 100% sure that I'm even going to get on, but I have plenty to talk about, and I have something prepared, so they should let me speak out.

I'm gonna be nervous as hell, so don't laugh when I screw up 3-4 times.

Here's basically what I'm going to say:

Thank you for accepting my call. It is a pleasure to be on the show.

Because of prohibition, the government has VERY LITTLE CONTROL over marijuana.

They don't control the QUALITY of marijuana to ensure that it is not laced with anything that might be dangerous.

They don't control the AGE at which people can buy marijuana.

They don't TAX SALES to produce profits that could, in turn, go to MEDICINE, EDUCATION, and NATIONAL DEFENSE.

The money they spend to FUND the Drug War could also go to hospitals, education, and defense, WHICH, by the way, are all more important issues than some stoners toking up in the privacy of their own homes.

The government is spending too much money trying to fight something that can't be beat, and I believe shouldn't be fought in the first place.

All the government can do is take it from people in possession and throw them in jail.

By keeping pot illegal, dealers have to BREAK THE LAW in order to do anything in the marijuana business.

To keep their businesses stable, drug lords create GANGS, and gangs bring VIOLENCE.

If drug lords could LEGALLY sell pot, they wouldn't be criminals,
they would be ENTREPRENUERS,
legitimate businessmen.

Families living in and around gangs are usually surrounded by violence and poverty and have LITTLE CHOICE but to accept the illegal drug market as a way of providing themselves and their families with CLOTHES on their backs, a ROOF over their heads, and FOOD on the table.

It must be so DIFFICULT to accel in life when all you know at home is considered wrong by the GENERAL PUBLIC and the police.

The "general public" aspect of this conversation wouldn't be so much of an issue except that those new anti-pot commercials are plainly misleading, especially to the general public which I am speaking of.

As most of us know, during the prohibition of ALCOHOL, gangs thrived on the illegal ALCOHOL market.

Now that ALCOHOL Prohibition is over, do you know of any gangs that smuggle booze?

I don't.

Have you heard of anyone being murdered because of an alcohol deal gone wrong?

I haven't.

But, you do hear about those things happening to MARIJUANA traffickers.

Am I the ONLY person in the world that would like for present gang members to have legitimate jobs instead of dangerous unorthodox ones?

I sure hope not.

So, what reason is there to keep pot illegal?

Is it kept illegal to save lives?

No. Marijauna is by all reasonable means, not a drug on which anyone can overdose.

Is it kept illegal because people get addicted and lose their free will?

No. Studies have shown that marijuana is less addictive than caffeine, or any junk food for that matter.

Is it illegal because our federal government is attempting to enforce a culture based on the white suburban families of the pre-1950's?


Is the law being used to control our habits like some sort of a "master teacher?"


Let me read this quote to you.

(Quote)"The law is the master teacher, and guides each generation as to what is acceptable conduct in the community. And our laws that reflect our values have to be enforced."(End Quote)

That is a quote SPECIFICALLY dealing with marijuana prohibtion, spoken by none other than our federal DEA Administrator ASA HUTCHINSON during a marijuana-related debate with New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson, who SUPPORTS the decriminalization OR legalization of marijuana.

I'm going to REPEAT that quote FOR you, and for all the listeners out there because I want you ALL to know who is spending YOUR tax money and who is arresting HUNDREDS of thousands of people each year on NON-VIOLENT charges because of A non-lethal, non-addicting drug called marijuana.

"The law IS the master teacher, and guides eaCh generation as to what is ACCEPTABLE CONDUCT in the community. And our laws that reflect OUR VALUES have to be enforced."

I want you all to think about that.

Thank you for listening to my views. I and all the people at 420times.com appreciate it.

Thanks again.
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in case anyone is wondering, the reason why some words are in caps is because I've read the whole thing out loud about 10 or so times and those are the places I usually screwed up.
TheOldGuy, if it IS one of those confrontational, crossfire type shows, be prepared for backtalk, and stubborn or ignorant views by the host. They will probably try to draw stupid little connections between marijuana and other drugs, or they'll try to say that if you legalize marijuana, than the government has to legalize other, more harmful drugs. They do this stupid shit all the time on shows that are confrontational.

My advice: start by answering his questions, but try not to let him interrupt you and just keep talking or tell him to let you finish. Say it sternly and with some power. Start with some of your best arguments too, but leave one or two for later. Make a good, strong first impression. Also, if he starts talking about other, more harmful drugs, tell him that you guys are supposed to be talking about weed. Another good thing is to draw a lot of connections to other drugs that are legal: caffeine, alcohol, tobacco, etc.

If it IS NOT a crossfire, confrontational type show, you should be just fine with what you have.

Hope this will help and good luck if you get on.

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It's not a crossfire style show. What made me want to use this show as a platform in the first place was because I heard the host mention that he believes marijuana should be legal for medical purposes. However, he is against ANY drug for recreational purposes, including alcohol. That's why I'm staying away from the "Pot is good" argument, and sticking to the "The Drug War is bad" argument. Thanks for your input though. If I ever call into a crossfire type of show, I'll keep your advice in mind. :)
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I'm going to stick to America's problem. People here don't like to hear "Look what this country did" arguments even though they make a LOT of sense.

BTW, I tried to apologize through a PM, but you aren't accepting them anymore. Just thought you'd like to know.
preach on dude. it does suck how the general public gets forced fed the bullshit lies or the misleading half truths. it sucks how 98% of the media is afraid to let people put out the positive info on mj. the net is just about the only place where people can FREELY express their opinions and get information out. i think little ads or pop ups(pop ups...i didnt say that) or commercials that just show you 1fact at a time would be pretty sweet. like-your sittin there watching tv and itd be a black screen with white text saying shit like: marijuana is less addictive than junk food - joe smoe Phd harvard 2003. dont have to go into details or hire actors and do crazy shit like that, just short and simple. anyways i think real player has an internet radio, definetly gonna try it out

james, you had alot of really good points that i have never heard before. good job. how long did it take you to think of all that stuff? (that was to prepare for the show, right? you haven't had it yet have you?)

edit :nevermind about the last part, it says what you are GOING to say. my bad, sorry about that