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Radogast 2 - Return of the Clones


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mine are from seeds.


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The gnats are out of sight, out of mind. :)

They were crawling all over the soil yesterday, little shiny glimmers, but no fliers.
Today, none to be seen.

I am NOTa fan of patchouli. Walking to the UC Berkeley campus (pre-teen) in the 60s, every friggin store smelled like that awful patchouli incense. Walking into HR Puffin' Stuff on High Street in Oakland, the ONLY head shop I saw before 1980, I winced at the patchouli smell. 2005 hippy revival shops in Cambridge Mass, still don't like the smell.

I have burned a lot of incense in my life, but never more than a 1/2 inch of patchouli.
Here's irony for you. Just purchased a CASE of patchouli, not one of my favorites either, but drives Dale mad, so..... Now I have this whole mess of it, something I resisted purchasing for years, and I won't need it. I'll need to find someone who does like it and gift it away. I guess that person won't be you, will it Rad? :laugh2:


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Hey! Thanks for the encouraging words. :)

It's nice to have the grow stable to where, some nights, I spend 5 minutes trending to the girls needs.
I usually spend over an hour, but they are ok with a nightly quickie. :slide:

Big Bertha had a couple of leaf spots last night. They looked like they might be from a tunneling, sap sucking pest. I'll look under a loupe and apply some neem oil on them tonight. I decided to wait and see if they grew or spread. I hope that was a good call.

I have fungus gnats being born in the newest soil. You'd think they'd die in the bagged compost for months. Hardly like buggers. I'm not worried, the girls just ignore them, grow taller, and wait for them to die off. With a perpetual grow, and adding small amounts of new soil every couple of weeks, fungus gnats may be a perpetual nuisance. If I can get a regular harvest of worm castings, gnats should go away. I probably won't every produce enough worm castings for topping soil and new soil. So gnats are still on the menu.
I noticed today that there wasn't a single gnat crawling or flying in my tent. It's been two weeks or more ? since I applied the neem meal top dress. I know they can be a nuisance, but I really believe that this soil mix works right past the gnats. I never saw any detrimental effects on any of my LOS plants from the gnats.

I like your tolerant attitude. They're just smaller, somewhat annoying Earthlings. I'm sure we're smaller and more annoying to some other species we have yet to meet.


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dinosuars ( cant spell)


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Damn Rad! Absolutely stunning! Good grief, you're good at coaxing beauty out of your charges. Feels good to be there again, eh? :5:


Grow Journal of the Month: April 2017
Damn Rad! Absolutely stunning! Good grief, you're good at coaxing beauty out of your charges. Feels good to be there again, eh? :5:
With the Clackamas Coot style living soil (thanks to you and COorganics,)
and the SWICK (thanks entirely to you, SweetSue)
and some decent genetics (lots frostier than the free seed)
this grow is exceeding my dreams :)

I am there for the very first time :)

Like a virgin ..... :55:


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Flashback!!! :laugh2::green_heart:


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Very nice, Radogast. :1:


Grow Journal of the Month: April 2017
Family members graduated their two potential girls, Big Bertha and Delilah, from Late Veg SWICK to 12/12 on the Flowering Room SWICK.

Family members potted up one each Snowcap and Girl Scout Cookies clones into 7-gal pots to take their spots on the Late Veg SWICK..

Flowering room only 4 hours of light today - I left the timer in off position after taking pictures last night. Both HPS 600w lamps are now on.

The Flowering Room contains:

3 breeder free seeds in10-gal pots:
Giselle (48x36", 4 weeks in room, lots of bud sites),
Big Bertha (24x18", 0 weeks, unsexed),
Delilah (20x19", 0 weeks, unsexed),

1 Hawaiian Skunk in 10-gal pot:
Hani (36x18", 4 weeks, trichome heavy sugar leaves)

5 White Widow and Caramelicious in 5-gal buckets:
C1 clones of Bellatrix (WW), Denise (WW), Quiffa (CAR), Sassy (CAR) - 2 to 4 weeks in flower, 57 weeks overall, est 8 grams per plants

Sometime in June:
Flower 4 more 24x24" girls in 10-gal pots.
0-3 unsexed plants will be evicted if they are boys.

Door label

Snowcap 'Snow Queen'

Girl Scout Cookies 'AnnaBelle'

6 positions and 6 strains on the Late Veg SWICK.



Grow Journal of the Month: April 2017
With the new plants in the flower room, I have both 600w HPS turned on. The extra heat and fan action brought my humidity down from 75% to 57%.

Humidity under 60% is a big relief. I didn't want to have high humidity as the buds were stacking into nugs and colas.

My veg room has been over 85%. I opened the small, high sliding window to the outside from 1 inch to about 3 inches.

I had originally planned to install a low CFM fan exhaust and a 6 inch tube for passive outdoor air intake. I might switch that around and have a fan intake and keep the sliding window for passive exhaust. I can't quite decide.

The window is about 12" high and can slide open up to about 6 inches on each side (simultaneously). I have rigid foam and 6 inch flexible black tubing to seal against prying eyes. Smell and heat are not an issue. I'm simply trying to dump some of the humidity evaporating off the SWICKs and soil.

Blowing out vs blowing in probably doesn't matter if I use an in-line fan, it can be reversed.

Opinions welcome.


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I'm watching to see what you do. I am really need to purchase an induction burner so I can make Magic's medicine, but I also need to, I think purchase a dehumidifier. Humidity was fine in the winter, but now that it's hot outside and inside, the RH is in the 60's.

I don't want to, but I think a dehumidifier might be the way for me to go on this one.

Now then, do I get two smaller units and try to control just the tents, or would I be better off getting a larger unit and keeping the basement in check?

Things that make you go Hmmm.

Happy Hemper

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At the risk of being out of place, if you are continually pulling air into the tents then I would go with lowering the humidity in the basement unless the basement is open to the outside air which would do little more than feed the collection tank of the dehumidifier.


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I have an extraction fan in the flower tent, but not in the veg. But I don't actively pull air into the basement, just what passively replace the air the fan extracts. So technically I am pulling air continually into the tents.

That fans got some pull too. I have to crack a window in the winter time If I want to use the fireplace or the pull from the fan downstairs pulls the smoke into the house. Kinda cool :)

So I guess a larger DH for me. Thanks Happy :high-five:


Grow Journal of the Month: April 2017
Setup #1
My basement is dry concrete walls and floor, a fairly well sealed 70x40x8' box.
In one corner I have a dehumidifier which drains into a sump pump.
Before I grew anything the dehumidifier managed the whole basement.

Setup #2
I added a 4x8' flower room with no windows and a 350 CFM exhaust fan at the far end of the basement, near the boiler, A/C, and water heater ( this will become relevant later.)
With a single 600w HPS, and the fan set to maintain 75°F, I was running 40-50% RH.
With dual 600w HPS and the dehumidifier turned off, I was running 25-35% RH.
I added a humidifier inside the 4x8' flower room to bring up the humidity.

Setup #3
I added a 4x2.5' perlite and water SWICK tray in the veg room which sent my veg room RH to 75-85%. The boiler leaked and the water heater leaked. They both needed replacing. Together I had about 5 weeks of 2-5gal/day of water leaking outside the flower room. Daily shop vac mopping. Through all this, my flower room needed only minor RH adjustments.

Setup #4
I added 3x2' SWICK tray to the veg room and a 4x8' SWICK to the flower room.
Removing the humidifier, flowering room is at 60-70% RH with one 600w HPS, 50-60% RH with two HPS on. Veg room is at 80-90%. When I leave the door open, humidity quickly drops.
- - -

It seems that RH is easily isolated by walls, like A/C and heat.

I think I'm pretty well tuned, except the humidity in the veg room.
I don't want to leave the veg room door open, I loose heat (and violate state statutes on MMJ growing.)

Sorry I over explained. Seems obvious now that I need a veg room fan to outside.

I hope it helped with others thinking about humidity in tents.



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That was my thought Rad. You want to be pushing that moist, warm air out and letting it passively pull cool air into the room. It just seemed more efficient that the fan would be dedicated to exhaust. Good reasoning. I'm a fan of putting the thought process down, convoluted though some of mine tend to be. I think it helps eminently to "watch" that process going on.

:Namaste: :love:


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Rado's threads are great for that.

I often find my self working out problems here, mostly by accident. I'll just pop on by to say what up to the homies, next thing I know I've written an entire page and have a new course of action.

Thanks Radogast :high-five:


Grow Journal of the Month: April 2017
I purchased and installed a 6-inch in-line fan for the garden room today.

Fan is rated at 160 CFM. That must be with a 100 CFM wind at it's back. It is wimpy, but very very quiet.

I used the serated edge of the fan to saw a hole through a piece of 1 inch insulation board and mounted it in the basement window.

A second piece of insulation board was used to cover the remaining window against prying eyes.

From the outside, the fan is about one foot off the ground. The window screen should keep out bugs.
Since the fan baldes are clear, one can clearly see a part of the room. I had planned to attach a long piece of black ducting to the fan, but alas, the ducting is closer to 5-inch than 6-inch. I'll buy a 6-inch duct elbow and attach it to the inside of the fan. If I hang the elbow from the ceiling that should improve the fan support (all performers like fan support.)

I connected the fan to a plug and cord with wire-nuts. The 6' cord does not reach the nearest outlet, so I plugged it into a CFL llight housing.
I thought I would be adding a speed controller to reduce fan speed, but as I said, it is wimpy (maybe wimpier because it exhausts directly against the window screen.)

After about an hour, the humidity dropped from 93% to 80%.
I'm interested to see how the humidity is in the morning, after lights out and fan stops.
Dropping to 80% is not impressive, leaving the door open for an hour had dropped humidity to 75%.
I'm pretty sure I will need to run this fan 24 hrs/day to be useful.
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