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Raid On Million Pound London Cannabis Factory


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Hounslow Drugs Squad swooped on a two bedroomed residential property in Great South-West Road in the early hours of yesterday morning, and seized more than 500 cannabis plants from the house, which had the facilities and capability to produce huge quantities of marijuana.

Three lorries were needed to confiscate the equipment and bin bags full of cannabis plants from the rented semi-detached house,which no one was living permanently at, but neighbours had become aware of strange comings and goings.

PC Forrester, who was co-ordinating the removal of the plants yesterday evening, said: "the once completely normal house, got a sophisticated network of ventilation pipes, energy converters and heat lamps. The windows are sealed and the heat and fumes are often pumped out of the chimney.
The drug problem had gotten worse with cars coming and going late.

The people that came in and out of the house were mainly Asian. They had only been renting the property for two or three months and always kept themselves to themselves during the day. But there was loads of activity at night and you would see them bringing car-loads of big black bags and suitcases."

Police used thermal imaging equipment and information from the neighbours to co-ordinate the raid.

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