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Raid On Oakland Home Nets Over 4000 Plants

Jim Finnel

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Police and federal drug agents raided a newly built East Oakland home that had been converted into an indoor marijuana farm, with more than 4,000 plants filling every room of the two-story home, authorities said Tuesday.

No arrests were made, and the investigation is continuing into who grew and maintained the plants with an estimated street value of $3.5 million, authorities said.

Police responded to the home at 10320 Pearmain St. about 4:30 p.m. Monday to check on a resident's well-being because of a report that the garage door had been left open, authorities said. Officers saw marijuana plants growing in the garage, they said.

Police contacted an Oakland officer assigned to a Drug Enforcement Administration task force in Oakland. The officer then obtained a state search warrant for the home, authorities said.

The search yielded 4,475 marijuana plants growing throughout the house, authorities said. Windows were covered with wallboard, electricity was bypassed for growing purposes, and there was a sophisticated ventilation system inside, said Special Agent Casey McEnry, DEA spokeswoman in San Francisco.

The butter-yellow home has a two-car garage, a bay window on the second floor and detailed white columns. Several people who live and work in the industrial area said the gated house seemed out of place.

Elenes Rosario, who lives next door, said the man who built the home about a year ago would occasionally drive up on weekends in a van with tinted windows. The gate would open, the van would pull into the driveway and the gate would close, Rosario said. A Mercedes-Benz sat in the driveway Tuesday with a flat tire. That car rarely moved, Rosario said.

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Source: SFGate.com
Author: Henry K. Lee,Jill Tucker
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