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Rally At Your Local Obama For America Office On September 20th

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Obama can still make good on his promises to medical cannabis patients!

So many of us want to support President Obama, but the Federal crackdown we've experienced this administration has made us wary about the plight of medical cannabis beyond the upcoming presidential elections. At this point in time, neither of the big-party candidates can be seen as friendly to the medical cannabis community ... but we can still try and change this!

Join activists on September 20th at the closest Obama Campaign Headquarters to you!

We want to remind Obama of his campaign promises to our community, and that he has the power to stop the attacks on patients and safe access all over the nation. In coordination with our Camp WakeUpObama summer campaign, ASA is planning a nationwide action at your local Obama Campaign HQ on September 20th. To help facilitate this, ASA will be hosting a series of Campfire Calls for all our activists to be able to coordinate better. (Note for Camp WakeUpObama Campers: taking part in this action also gets you credit for the Be Counted! Protest on September 20 activity.)

Campfire Calls for organizing the protest, mark your calendars:

5:30 PM PST (8:30 PM EST) on September 5th
5:30 PM PST (8:30 PM EST) on September 18th

Conference Call Info:
1- 832-431-3335
Code 1618568

Find your local Obama for America campaign office: Find the nearest Obama campaign office - Barack Obama


Source & Downloadable Material: ASA: Rally at your local Obama for America office on September 20th!
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