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Ramping up nutrients in flower?


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I had a question for the hydroponic group.

When you are in flowering, should I be trying to level the ppm each day to the same level I was shooting for at each weekly H20 change out? In other words, if I mixed my 10 gallons to 1100 ppm on monday, as the week goes on and the ppm get lower, should I be trying to add nutes to keep that 1100 to get to the next weeks change out or should I let them dissipate and just be adding water?

Any help would be great.


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I'm not a hydro grower, so I might be wrong.
As the week goes along, won't the plant be using the nutes, making the ppm lower?
I don't think you should be adjusting the ppm every day? Just when you change the water so you have the right amount of nutes until you change the water again.
Think of ot like you having dinner? If you eat some you don't want someone to keep topping your plate up do you? Wouldn't it also mean a lot of wasted (quite expensive) nutrients when you change the water again also?

Just my thoughts, I have no experience. Just logical thinking.

dank daisy

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It all depends on the plant. Read the signs. My lemon kush did not like drastic ppm increases. I'm in 7th week of flower and she never liked going above 1200ppms. You want the plant drinking water and eating food at the same rate. I rarely saw a drop in ppms actually. Most I have seen was in the first few weeks of flower and it dropped from 1000 to 850. Anytime the water ran low i would just top it off with my original set ppm value for that week. I am using ebb and flow with 8 gal rez.
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