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Random plant is growing in my backyard!


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Well i go out this morning to look for a rake and well, I found something very interesting! A marijuana plant is growing in my backyard I have done anything to it, watered it or etc, I saw the plant was slouching so i propped it up with 2 sticks. I want to know if this would be okay to let it continue should i dig it up and put it in a pot? Should i let it grow there or should i simply yank it out of the ground and toss it aside. It smells like really good bud, and its very green and life like, the smaller one has these white dots on it.

Please help asap i will take more pics if needed but i want to know what to do with it. I would really love to make some BHO :circle-of-love:
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Re: Random plant is growing in my backyard!!!

If its legal where you are let it grow and see what happens they are in essence a weed so it will thrive outdoors.


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Re: Random plant is growing in my backyard!!!

should i water or what? should i add nutrients?? your being pretty vague


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Re: Random plant is growing in my backyard!!!

It's a plant, of course it needs to be watered. No nutrients are needed unless you know if it is worth the expense (it0s not if it is just crap weed). Also you may be off season for growing outside,you haven't told where in the world you are. Etc.

If you can get away with growing outside just let nature take its course. Water it every couple of days.


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Re: Random plant is growing in my backyard!!!

it is spring where i am, and it is crap weed will it be possible to make it into BHO? or to low thc levels? its crap weed im pretty sure, dont enjoy smoking that to much anymore, moved on to bigger and better things, so im really only interested in using the stems leaves etc for some nice BHO


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Re: Random plant is growing in my backyard!!!

Id say let it grow out, why not. just give it water once a week, very low maintenance. Probably would want to get a nice little indoor set up going. As for the random plants, I would personally let them grow, that is if you are legal :peace:



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Re: Random plant is growing in my backyard!!!

looking at photo's, they aren't doing too bad but looks like they need light. are they sitting in the shade of that tree in the background? they grow best in direct sunlight . they say at least 5 hr's of direct sun light, more is better. I'd leave them there if it had good lighting and area was secure enough to hide a mature plant otherwise I'd transplant to a area that offered those features. I don't know if I'd go thru the expense of transplanting indoors for a random plant.

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Re: Random plant is growing in my backyard!!!

BHO is dangerous to health & safety...

Copy & paste job...

text-decoration:underline;">chemical extraction or independently by means of chemical synthesis, any controlled substance - shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for three, five, or seven years and by a fine up to $50,000"

Yikes, right? The key word is chemical extraction, which is used here synonymously with solvent extraction. This is different than a water extraction, as water is not considered a chemical in this legal sense. Making kif and ice water hash are both physical separations. Water is well known as the universal polar solvent, ie. salt and sugar both dissolve easily in water. But whole trichome heads are coated in a nonpolar waxy cuticle (common in the plant world), and do not dissolve in water. No dissolution of trichome heads means no solvent extraction, so no felony. Three cheers for ice water hash and dry screen hash (kief) in CA! Hash hash hooray!

The second problem is that most BHO is not made under hoods in laboratories with safety protocols in place. The BHO sold in dispensaries is mostly made in backyards, motels, tool sheds, and apartments. Most BHO extractors have no safety gear other than an oven mitt. Many extractors say “just air it out, don't smoke, and you will be okay.” This is a deadly falsehood and it's time to address the issue so people can take the proper precautions, if they choose to try this at home.

People are dying, others are being severely burnt, apartments are ignited, motels are blowing up, the bad press for marijuana butane extracts is growing. Continuing this is not going to help mmj or legalization on the political stage going forward.

This 2004 Cannabis Culture article, by Reverend Damuzi, explains butane extracts as well. The Reverend Damuzi reports the death of Reverend Donny Appleby via an accidental explosion during a butane hash oil extraction.
“In October 2003, Reverend Donny Appleby, a med-pot activist and Church of the Universe clergy member, killed himself when he tried to make hash oil medicine to treat his HIV.”

California Death Related to BHO:
“Butane Explosion Kills Gilroy Man-
A 45-year-old man who suffered burns to 90 percent of his body during a butane explosion in a Gilroy motel room last week has died at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center, where he was hospitalized Thursday night, hospital spokeswoman Joy Alexiou said today... Gilroy police said the explosion that killed Johns resulted from the ignition of a "significant amount of butane" being used to convert marijuana into hash oil.” I lost the full text news report link, this is from 2006.

Guy dies first time making BHO:
“An 18-year-old Chilliwack teen is dead after hash oil he was cooking in the bedroom of a McIntosh Drive apartment exploded and burned more than 40 per cent of his body. The teenager... died late Monday at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital where he was taken for treatment of severe burns to his arms and legs following the Saturday morning explosion...”

I'm not trying to say that I agree with CA Section 11379.6(a). Or that making BHO will kill you, the odds are small. But I am saying BHO deaths happen, to the old and young, too often for my liking. In my opinion BHO should not be sold in CA dispensaries as it is illegal. Both the vendors and the dispensaries legally have to dance around (aka lie) about how the BHO they sell is made. The lies are deceptive to newbie patients. Montel Williams repeatedly tells his story (crying usually) of his experience buying mislabeled BHO at a California dispensary. He smoked some and was not happy about it. He claims the residual butane in the BHO he bought at a dispensary made his nerve issues worse. This kind of press does not look legitimate, and it's not needed considering that primo hash and kief test around 50% THC.
Here is Montel's rant against dispensaries to the LA City Council based on his bad BHO experience:

There are some quality BHO extractions available. Some may even be made with lab grade extractors (ie Tamisium), but I am not going to suggest anyone make BHO at home. If you have lab access (and permission in the state of CA), then more power to you. I love smoking some primo 'tane. I just don't want to see more people die from trying this at home. And it makes me sick listening to Montel cry that BHO is not labeled properly in CA dispensaries, because he is correct. Rize UP!


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Mr. Fuzzy Duck . I will definately kneel to my betters. I have tried kief once and am not sure whether I like it or not. Indifferent I would say. not enough experience. you definately got me reconsidering weather i wanna do anythin' with my leftovers bin. Hey Fuzzy Duck is it possible that you could p.m. me or I you i have a question? or can you look at Hash,Kief,extracts and view a pic. and answer? thanks
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