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random saliva drug testing - Help!


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Ok so iv been reading so much about saliva test and wan't to get sum truth. So I'm a habitual pot smoker. moderate user of low grade pot, also very high mataboloism 135lbs. Okay so i hear a ton of ideas to pass them. Brushing alot, peroxide, listerine, altoids.
My job does random testing. I smoke everyday and prob smoke my last bowl at around 11pm. I start my shift at 6am. So if i get popped with one at like 7am and am.able to get away for a sec and do the steps for.cleansing what are my chances of passing??
Iv herd it only detects for 2-4 hrs to 8-48hrs. And with the delution process. Its driving me mad! I dont wanna stop.my pot cause of sum medical reasons but dont wanna.loose.my job enither...please anyone with sum info????


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Re: random saliva drug testing...HELP!!

I don't think there is a genuine way to pass one with THC in your system...
The test is not testing for residual smoke in your mouth, so brushing won't make a difference.
It's testing for THC in your blood, and thus in your saliva.
At least, that's my take on it...


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Hey Mark!

I had a job years back that did swab testing. NOT randomly but for pre employment. I think I passed after 2 days of no smoking (48 hrs). I have heard of people who smoked the night before and still passed by brushing their mouth very well and using a lot of Listerine. I'm not too sure about that though so don't quote me. But what I do know is the mouth swab is a very inaccurate test and only goes back a few days. If you're being randomized though, you could possibly fail from smoking the night before. They sell mouth swab tests online for pretty cheap, why not buy a few and test it out? Smoke the night before and test it out the next morning? Just a thought.


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Saliva tests test for cannabis usage in the last 24 hours. Just vigorous brushing and rinsing with a mouth wash will let you pass a saliva test.


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Would low grade green make it the detection time even lesd?
Kinda but not really. The THC heads directly for your fat cells and continues to build up in them until they die which usually takes about 30 days. So even low grade weed will build up over time.
If you like to smoke and you work for a living researching subbing is a necessity in these days. There was a guy in Spokane that went to one of the first recreational cannabis shops to open in the state. And of course the media was there and this guy proudly displayed his new legal cannabis purchase to the world.lol The problem was his boss was watching, he got fired. Now legally a company can't fire you for what you do in your private time but in the case of cannabis it carries over into you employment because of drug tests. But this guy didn't test positive on a drug test, he was just seen purchasing the product and an employer can't fire you for that.
So if you're employed please be discreet. It sheds a bad light on the rest of us that are trying to move this issue forward.
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