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Cool thank you.

Like I mentioned I really need to try my own stuff. As of now I can only trust one strain at a time. With weed being so important I need to make sure what I am growing will do the job. Once I find out mine are as good as what I have been growing then it will be easy to go totally my own genetics.

I will still always buy but I think my own stuff is going to do what I need it too.

What's really FUNNY. While I was thinking yesterday of strains. I realized I have to do what I call everyone out for. Cross something with Blueberry LOL. I have to make a Blueberry Headband. Mine is actually going to be Headband Blueberry because I only have males with Blueberry. I can't pass up a chance to make my favorite tasting strain. Slightly different or not.


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What a difference a day makes. You hear a lot about the benefits of a day camping or fishing. I did both and boy it sure worked. It has been a weird spring. Not much fishing because of life changes. My mind has been on a lot of things none of which I really enjoy LOL. It is what it is. Life is like that no big deal.

Clearing that mind was a lot easier than I thought. Now that all the damn clutter is finally out of my brain. I can start planning for the future. In ways everything became even clearer than before. When not growing my thoughts tend to lean more towards breeding for some reason. Idle minds LMAO.

A week ago I was having trouble envisioning what my new grow was going to look like. What tents? which setups to use have been the biggest question. If I can't even see the grow in my head. How can I plan what to put in it. WELL I can see that grow now and how to use it.

There are 2 main strains that I can't do without. Both of which I had planned to work with in the future. Headband and Purple Betty are strains that I will probably grow forever. I decided if those 2 strains are my mainstays then I better start with them. I already have a decent amount of seeds for both strains. I don't have a great mother plant of them.

I guess I should start with the set up and we will go from there. No way I see doing things without all 3 tents set up. Sorry to say I am still going to need more shit LMAO. The main flower tent is going to be the 60 x 60. The 2 48 x 48 tents will be used one for veg and the third for mothers and clones and breeding. Basiclly I am going to need 2 veg tents. I can swap stuff around if I need to breed that way.

To make this work I decided to go with 2 4" charcoal filters for the 2 smaller tents. 1 400 watt Metal Halide tent 1 led and or T-5 tent. They will both have smaller lights so heat is not a major issue smell isn't either. I can then run both 4" filters with one 6" inline fan. I am going to need to lower my electric bills. Different lights and less fans running will do that. With all the tents set up I can do what I need when I need too. My setups up till now have been to costly to run all 3 setups. I will still be growing lots of plants from seed. Having mothers from 2 of my most favorite strains will improve my harvest a lot. Neither strain throws crap but as with all strains some phenos are better than others.

A Purple Betty mother is key. I really need to try and feminize this strain plus a hybrid or 2 if I can get a reversed plant to make enough pollen. Thing is, this is also the perfect time to find a Purple Betty male to work with. Probable going to start lots of seeds and then select the plants I want to keep. Since I am looking for the best of the best for it. I will only be keeping the males with color. Green phenos are all out. Flavor comes with the color on P.B. I love Blueberry Headband for the mix of berries and dank. I might be able to get that with a P.B. hybrid. Worth a try anyway. If it works I will be set. I like Purple Betty more than Blueberry plus I do believe the hybrid will be stronger.

What will be different this time? I will be working with mothers and clones from these 2 mothers till I am done. No more one shot deals here. Now I can try and try till I get it right. Up to now these 2 strain have been on the back burner because I have seeds for them. Now I plan to work from the top and really start to perfect my genetics. Then move on. In the end breeding will revolve around find perfect plants from my hybrids and feminizing them.


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I am hoping lol. Still have to figure out exactly what is going to go with it. First time I have ever grown Purple Betty and Headband together. For years I would only grow one favorite per grow so I always had one strain I could depend on. Now that I have found plenty strains that work for me I can start to run more trusted genetics.

I do know I am going to try some of my new hybrids. The one I really want to try is a regular strain so it has to go on the back burner for now. I am planning on starting too many Purple Betty to run any other regular strains. Nighttime weed is also pretty much covered by P.B. That pretty much leaves me with sativas and hybrids.

Tangilope has really been impressing me. No tolerance build up I can see and it works perfect almost every morning. I tried one hybrid with Tangilope X Tahoe Og. It is supposed to be a feminized hybrid. Still need to see if that is true or not. (I had a true male around that time also). If they end up being regular seeds I will have enough Purple Betty to cover for it plant wise. I would still have my plant count high enough for the 60 x 60 tent. If it is female then this strain should kick ass. Both strains pump out tons of trichomes. As much as I like Tangilope it should go great with Tahoe Og. Not much Lemon Cleaner smell to the Tahoe but it has Dank covered pretty well. The sativa high from the pheno I selfed really shines out. This could be a new favorite sativa.

At least 2 freebies will make this line up. I had planned to breed them to a strain that is more stable like C-99. Might as well cross them with the strongest strain I have and deal with the consequences later LMAO.

1 Strawberry Banana, Reserve Privada. I have heard lots of good things about it. This hybrid will be because they are both strong as f**k. Nothing really more needs to be said. I won't let that stop me though LOL. Mostly I am hoping for something to self if it is as good as they say. This would be a interesting strain to feminize. All else fails I will have a mother of it if I decide to keep it. Seeing how feminizing doesn't always work for me I better cross it with P.B. just in case. I REALLY don't know what to expect. It should be strong so that is all that matters. If it is I will find a place for it.

2 Strawberry Haze, Green House. This was and still is kind of planned for a hybrid with C-99. It would and will be a sativa hybrid I want to make. It will be cloned but I have no plans to feminize it. If I like what I see I will save it for a couple months. Cinderella 99 is going to be in the next run anyway. I can always make that hybrid then. One think Purple Betty needs is to lighten up lol. Original plan had me crossing P.B. with C-99. I still might the second run as I will have male C-99 in it. I don't know what the high is like from the Strawberry Haze it is a mostly pure sativa though. With berry smell from a sativa it would be a perfect cross to the berries from Purple Betty. Haze and Dank also go really well together.

Over the next 2 months I will figure out what else to run with these strains to round out what is not there. One sativa and 2 hybrids is already chosen for me I just need to decide what I have like that, that works with everything else.


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Still working on the next seed line up for a grow that is still 2 months away. No time like the present LMAO.

I figured I would walk things back a bit a and discuss my choice of the Tangilope x Tahoe Og. Tangilope is the main reason. I am finding out it is a truly bad assed sativa. I knew there was a chance of my feminized seeds being cross pollinated by the JC 2 male that was in the same tent as the reversed females. A friend tested some of those female seeds and found a male. So that part is confirmed. They were not together long but it looks like it was long enough lol.

Still not a big deal. I think the reversed plants did produce some pollen. It also seems there was male pollen from the JC 2 plant on the reversed females when I took them out to pollinate the clones. While I may not know what each seed will be. Pollen from either plant should produce good seeds. I have yet to confirm that the JC 2 threw good hybrids. It did produce some trichomes which is a good indicator for a good male. I didn't get any females from the JC 2 to be able to check it out. With only males the only way to keep this strain was to breed it. The fact that one male looked lots better than the other made choosing pretty easy.

So either way I look at it. The Tangilope hybrid is going to be a mostly sativa. I need 2 sativas every grow so this is as good a choice as any I have. Plus they are the start of me using my own Hybrids. I also plan to start one of my new feminize seed projects.

Which one I am not sure of yet but at least one other of my strains will make the line up. My last feminized seed project didn't do very well but it has produced a couple of seeds. At least I know these have to be female lol. I will try at least one of these hybrids. First choice seems to be the Cinderella 99 x Headband. Both favorites strains of mine. Plus I need 2 hybrid strains to add to this next run. I plan to use some store bought Headband seeds so I can search for another super frosty pheno I have seen before. So no need to try my new feminized Headbands. I will want to look at them first before breeding into them.

That is about the extent of my babbling for today. I hope everyone could keep up LMAO.


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I am pretty happy with with everything that went into making my feminized Headband seeds. To tell the truth that frosty plant didn't have the sour flavor I like so much from the Headband. It was strong as f**k so I want to find another one of it for something LOL. Maybe there is a super frosty pheno that does have the flavor profile I like. The would be the Pheno of Phenos for Headband.

I say maybe. I am sure there is. While lots of strains have a certain amount of phenos. That is just in general. A extra strong pheno may still show up in time. The longer any strain is grown better plants will be found in most cases. Most of us don't have the ability to grow a 100 females to find the very best. That process can take forever if only a few seeds are grown at one time. With only a couple it is hard for that special plant to stand out.


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I understand that it is a little hard to listen to me babble about what to grow next. I am sure I can be quite boring when I have no plants going at all. I would be lying if I said it wasn't boring me too. LMAO

In the end I could talk about genetics all day long. For every one of the million strain strains out there. There are 2 more that could have been made. For years I always figured that other people can breed genetics for me. That worked for a long time. Then I started finding out how many good strains didn't DO IT for me. With each strain I grow I get pickier. All in search of just what I want. That would be a easy thing in lots of situations. You just can't do that with marijuana.

There is just so much involved. You can have flavor profiles that are similar between sativa dominant and indica dominant strains. For me that means, if I like it than I need both. Think about it. Just with the basics you have sweet, sour, gassy, and dank flavor profiles. With just indica and sativa involved that would be 8 strains I need to find.

What I figured out growing other peoples genetics? You never know why they made it. Strength? Production? Effects? It is only the effects that interest me. If you consider the fact that everyone feels effects differently. Then I have no choice other than to breed for myself. Only I can tell the effects that I like. Even when the tell you the effects you don't know for sure if that is the way the strain will affect you. Do you need a gassy indica and a gassy sativa? Ok maybe not NEED but I want them both LOL.

So keep all this in mind when you laugh at this old man that can't figure out what he wants to grow. It isn't that I don't know what I want to grow. It is I KNOW what I don't want to grow that can be worse LMAO.


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It's all about the high for me too. But it's also situational too sometimes. I just took down a 9 lb hammer and I have another one coming down. I'm hoping for the "knock me the f#ck out" buzz that will help me sleep. But other than nite nite time I really like a good heady happy buzz from a sativa or a sativa leaning hybrid. Flavor or terps are secondary, but it sure is nice to have a smooth flavor of your choice


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That knock you out indica is becoming a hard one to find. Now lots of indicas have a lot of head high to them. Not a bad thing in the evening but it sucks to try and sleep when your mind is wandering around on its own lol. Night time is the only time when I like to be "stoned". To tell the truth. The only thing wrong with "Stoney" weed is if that is all you have. Now that I have strains that do all the rest. I guess it is time to look into Stoned more.

Whats funny is. Right now between my sativas and hybrids. I can get that heady high from all directions. I wonder if that could cause a concussion? LMAO. I always just considered it a heady high. Now I am finding out all the places in the head that can be affected. I always saw it as the behind the eyes feeling which I have with Headband. Now I have strains that affect more the lower part of the head in the face. The high from Snowdawg is felt mostly in the head but it is more like a heavy warm blanket over it. The shatter I made from the Chocoloco seed crop seems to hold the sides of your head. I have noticed this different head high every since I made it. It is not a bad feeling just a slight pressure from the sides.

I really liked the Chocoloco when I grew it. As a concentrate it is even more interesting. It is also one of the longer acting concentrates I have made. I wonder how much of this had to do with the breakdown of the THC when the plants were brought past mature to finish seeds. I really didn't expect much from the plants. There was way too much just to throw out. Glad I did it is lots better than I expected.

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Here is that Headband x Tahoe Og she smells like bengay and a fresh pile of puppy shit!! From the smell and looks of the bud I have a feeling she's gonna be Strong!!!


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Very nice Orlando. The picture actually tells me a lot. Or I think it does anyway. I was wondering if the JC 2 pollen made it into that feminized project. From the look of the leaves I would have to say it did.

The JC 2 male had very sativa looking leaves. It was pretty much Jack the Ripper dominate. Both the Headband and the Tahoe have very wide leaves. In the end it doesn't look like it matters who the father was. That plant has great trichome coverage.

What I find really amusing is all the nuances of DANK. First there was Vomit. Now Menthol Puppy shit. Pretty sure I have not seen those smells in any strain explanation LMAO. There is Cat Piss and a Dog Shit strains just no menthol lol.
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