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Had a nice talk with my mentor yesterday. He has a batch of Purple Betty going right now. If the timing works out I may be starting this next grow with clones of his favorite pheno. I am sure he will find a great one with the 45 or so females he runs per crop. I just don't know if it will be regenerated and ready to clone by the time I need it. I can judge a live plant fairly well. Mostly I need to smoke them. This guy can spot great plants and doesn't even smoke weed LMAO. Plus he will have lots of choices compared to the 5 or so females I normally run. For me if I don't find a great one I smoke em up and wait for the next grow lol. Easy enough when you have plenty of one strain. The difference between a good one and a great one are worth the wait. Like I said it would be great to start with a pick of the litter pheno.

Also found out he is starting 2 packs of Granddaddy Purps to make F-2 seeds. He will pollinate all the females with all the males. While this will open up the gene pool of the seeds it will also protect all the genetics that are there. I really can't wait to try it. Thing is I am pretty sure it is very similar to Purple Betty. Nothing is genetically the same but they are close. They both have Purps flavors and buzzes with lots of strength. Never know it might be different enough to be perfect. I am a big fan of the high type of The Purps.

Also a NEAT fact. Someone from back east in a legal state contacted him about growing and breeding for them. We still don't know how they found him LMAO. I doubt he will do it. He may got mainstream someday.


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Yeah it would be easier if my mentor has a mother I can start with. My plan was to pop 20 or 30 and then kill the plants I don't want. Really hard to tell much as early as I will be needing to make choices. I will have lots of room to start before the other tents are in use doing other things. I will need to find a male and a female out of them. Still not much of a selection but better than I could do before. Lots easier to find the right females. I am going to treat the males the same way. COLOR COUNTS. I don't care about transferring the color. I just know the colored females are best. I really hope for help here from the genetics. Pretty sure if TTB males show trichomes Purple Betty should too. I hope to have 6 to 8 males to choose from. Not a lot but the best I can do. If I didn't think It would be worth it I wouldn't try.

Along those lines. I have picked a new candidate to join this next grow. Super Silver Haze will replace Strawberry Haze. I can do more plants with it for better choices. Plus if Blueberry did well crossed with SSH Purple Betty will just make the hybrid stronger. I love SSH but the flower time has got in the way of my timed grows before. Plants all needed to be done by a certain time. Not much leeway on the back side of flowering because there is always plants ready to go in the tent. Now I will have a dedicated flower tent I can let phenos go longer if the need to be.

I am pretty anal when it comes to naming strains. Always trying to keep the names in the right places. With my new name I had to do some thinking to make it work LOL. The hybrid will be Super Silver Haze X Purple Betty which doesn't fit the name. It is backwards. If I pheno search and feminize the best plant I would no longer be dealing with a F-1 hybrid so a name change could be warranted LMAO. Pretty sure I haven't seen the name but I like it. The feminized version could be called "Puraze". It has both Purps and Haze genetics so the name could fit then.

The hybrid works the way I want it too. I want to add Purps genetics into the SSH. I also think it will bring more THC to the hybrid than a SSH male would. The P.B. should also shorten the flower time some. Mostly because I will have more choices using the P.B. The new place I will be living is going to have plenty of room to run a tent just for males if I do it to start with. Plenty of room to do everything I need to do. I really hope the place works out. If so I plan to buy it.


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I have both Greenhouse and Dinafem Super Silver Haze. Dinafems is called Super Silver only but it is meant to be the same. I am planning right now to go with the Greenhouse version.

It is just a guess but I am pretty sure Dinafems SSH was made from the Mr Nice version and should be closer to the original. Greenhouses SSH is still plenty good but it is a copy of the original.

Pennywise. As of now I don't plan on making a F-2 with that hybrid. Just feminize it. That is just a basic plan. No need to feminize it if I have a lot of regular seeds. The feminized part is only there so I can use the name "Puraze" LMAO.


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Yeah me too. From looking the Dinafem might be a little harder to grow which is what sealed my decision.

I really need to go to Mr Nice and get some regular seeds of SSH. Hard to find and get sometimes. I am hoping my 2 version will be good enough.


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That was my thinking LOL. Still a little surprised no one has used it yet. Maybe it has been. After typing it I am sure I have never seen it out there.

No SSH x Purps out there either that I know of by any name.


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Pennywise obviously has not been paying attention. LMAO. Couple of good ones LOL. Sorry Pennywise I wish I could be like that.

Even with 5 great ones. I will still look for something else. As bad as it sounds in my mind it is more about the making them and seeing what happens. Once I see the outcome my mind moves on. After that it is grow them as regulars if I like them. If it is really great try and self it. For every great strain I grow my mind will find a different great one I want to cross it with.

Now when I look at all the regular F-1 hybrids and strains I have. I know for every one of them there is a chance I will like what I find. That is why there is so much excitement about the new place. I am now going to start going through them all.

Not all regular strains will be used for breeding. I have a couple strains I trust a male from. Others it is what a male is carrying in its genetics that appeals to me. There are a couple gassy hybrids out there that I will be crossing into select Headbands and Chem plants from feminized seeds. Why buy more Og type weed when I have the genetics to make my own. I still have Tahoe Og F-2 and NYPD x Tahoe Og regular seeds to find even more Og phenos. I have Reek/Shoeshine a feminized version of the NYPD x Tahoe Og thats is just killer. Does that make me happy? For some reason no.

Pennywise. I just figured it out LMAO. It is the same search for female need I had when I was 18. Chase, catch, enjoy and move on LMAO.


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Twiller, C-99 x Headband is going into the lineup on my next grow. That will be 2 of my own hybrids going in the new line up. Along with Tangiloe the Tangilope x Tahoe Og hybrid I made. They will give me a idea of how my own stuff is doing.

So far there are more Twiller seeds than anything else so far. Good thing I really like both parents. It is hard to tell for sure which plant was the strongest. I took 2 phenos late to see what happened and didn't like it. So that leaves the seeded plant as my favorite C-99 pheno last grow. Give that some sour Og flavor and who knows what is going to happen. Well this time next year I will know LOL.

Kind of weird trying to figure out this next grow. Going to continuous growing changes everything. I won't need as much weed to last as there is not going to be a 4 month down time. I Also don't need quite as many different strains with only a 3 month or so wait time for more. No time for tolerance to matter. I have already planned to run just one flower tent. With a lower plant count it makes it harder to choose how many of which strain. Where it gets really tough is when the one you smoke the least of is the one I need to look at lots more plants. I am going to flower at least 5 or 6 females of Purple Betty. How many I start I still don't know but I will probably have around 8 to 10 females and pick the best ones. One great thing about purple Betty is it is a low light strain that does great in the back row. Grown as single stalked plants they don't take up much room.

Good thing because some of the strains are going to want room. Twiller will be bushy and SSH will be the same. So there goes any room I just saved lol. 2 months away is pretty damn close to for me LOL. Lots of strains have now been chosen. Plant counts may change everything. SSH is another strain I need to look at. I will be doing 3 of it. I will probably pollinate a branch of all of them. This will eliminate having to choose. Hell I may find I like 2 different ones.

As before since I am going to have a male. I need to figure out stuff that would blend well with it for hybrids. So I need sativa, indica, and hybrids. That need to stand on their own or breed well with Purple Betty. Here is the basic line up as I see it now. Lets see how much it will change LOL. Plant counts are still up in the air but I can only fit so many females in one tent.

Purple Betty
Super Silver Haze
Strawberry Banana
Em Dawg

SSH, Strawberry Banana, Em Dawg will all be pollinated by Purple Betty. The Strawberry Banana is a single freebie seed. I have no idea what it is going to turn out like. Everything I hear about the strain is good so it will be bred and cloned. If it turns out I don't like it no big deal I don't have to keep it. The SSH is a simple one. This should be similar to a souped up Blue Dream. The Em Dawg is probably one of my best Chem hybrids. It was a huge plant when I grew it before. Og dank x Purps dank sounds like a combination I want.


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And the line up is set. I added the last strain to next grow. Afgooey!

I noticed a package that had 2 seeds in it. It showed up when I tried to self the last P.B. clone. I really liked that one Afgooey and the only pollen was feminized Purple Betty. I almost decided to grow it. I do remember that I liked Afgooey so much I wanted to breed it into something. Mostly Purple Betty. That is why I was so excited to find that one seed. I will always have that one seed. This is my best opportunity to breed it to Purple Betty.

I wanted one last strain and this one is perfect. The hybrids I am going to make are all going to be completely different. While I have no idea what is going to happen when I cross P.B. with the Em Dawg I think it will be interesting and should be strong. Strawberry Banana should work but it is mostly in the mix as a high THC strain.

The 2 strains I know will work are the Super Silver Haze and the Afgooey. How they will blend is still yet to be seen but blend they will. They are both going to be in hybrid range with a mix of head and body. I know the P.B. has the body part covered. Both strains to be bred into had very prominent head highs. Both strains have also been known to throw good hybrids.

The biggest key now is in the search for males. I am not going to have room to flower enough females to be sure to find a great female. There is a good chance I will but anything can happen. The female tent is the only one where room is a issue. As I mentioned before I plan to start lots of seeds. While there will only be room for 5 female P.B. I can flower lots of males. Choosing the right females might be tough. Some will have to be killed no matter what. If I can find 6 to 8 males to look through I expect to find something that will stand out. I know the male will have color because that is where most the flavor is hidden. I hope to see one with trichomes. I need to see them flower to decide. One way or the other I know I will find one male that will stand out. I know Purple Betty enough to find what I am looking for.

I know the plan was to mother up and start growing clones. I will be taking clones and if there ARE great ones cool. If not the plan is to make the very best P.B. hybrids I can. I won't be breeding with it again anytime soon. Might as well do it right the first time. While I may not get anything that is great. They all should be fine for growing and smoking. That is the advantage of using only strains I like the effects of. Breeding strains just for me is going to make a big difference I think.

The main factor in all this is that I will only be pollinating branches. One or 2 on each plant. This will take a lot of the guessing out of which females to use. After everything is done and dried I can choose and grade each batch. I would rather have seeds I won't grow then miss the right females to breed too. It some cases they both will be good just slightly different.


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I know we don't live in a pot friendly grow climate. Who cares. Lets try a outdoor crop. Mostly I am just a consultant. I also do most the labor when it comes to repotting LMAO. They do all the watering though.

They look a little droopy because I just repotted and watered the hell out of them to make sure it was all soaked. I didn't have all the right soil so I had to do a mix it. It is a little dence but it should do ok. It is mostly Miracle Grow as they know nothing about feeding. Mostly I am keeping a eye out on the Cal/Mag and other trace stuff. Everything else should be fine

They are doing pretty good considering that weather has been crap this year. Last week we had freezing temps LMAO. These are the biggest pots I have ever used. I hope to see them grow into them but who knows. The Critical Autoflower didn't do worth a shit. No surprise, it should have been grown indoors.
Here they are

Critical 2.0


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Lots goes on in the world as we go on with our lives. That point jump to the forefront of my life recently. I found out the man who has taught me so much has cancer. Not just cancer. He has known about if for a few years and never shared the news with me. That is the man and what he is about so that is no surprise. 40 years of growing as a outlaw has taught him to be very self sufficient. As sad as this is nothing can be changed so why try. Life happens then it goes away. The man has lead the life he has wanted to live. What more could you want out of life.

I found out this news when I was informed he was wanting to send me all of his work up to now. That's a lot of damn work LMAO. I have 1000's of his seeds. Looks like I am going to have 100's of thousands now. Kind of looking for ideas of how to get them out to the world. Lots of his genetics are already being grown here on 420. The depth of what he has is amazing. Except sativa's LMAO. That's why I have to make my own sativa hybrids lol. His library of Purple strains is amazing. From Erckel to Purple Kush and beyond.

I have had thoughts of one day releasing seeds under Outlaw Genetics. The original plan was it to be only my genetics made from genetics passed to me by him and mixed with newer strains. Plus any other work I come up with. His homemade genetics is what gave me my start. Still some of the strongest stuff I grow. If I end up with what I think I am going to have. I could run a line of his genetics till they are gone. Lots of work trying to sell seeds. I don't know that it is what I really want to do. I do know that I want to share this mans genetics with the world. Money is less of a issue than getting them out to others.

I am open to any and all suggestions
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