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Rapid Home Test vs. Laboratory Equipment Test


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Greetings 420ers!

Has anyone got any insights on the differences of these two?

Got a test coming up in two days, our urine will be collected on-site and will be sent over to a lab. What worries me is if they will be using a laboratory immunoassay equipment for the test, you know, those machines that can be used for other urinalysis purposes. It's not a GC/MS, but more of a calibrated machine.

So my assumption right now is that the lab equipment would most likely be more accurate/precise than the rapid home tests, even with the assumption that both the cut-offs will be 50/ng. I've already passed a home test today (1st piss of the day), although 2 days ago I still had a very faint line, so I'm still very worried of failing especially if the lab equipment would provide a more precise result.

I will be doing the dilution technique, with the exception of the aspirins, just to be sure.

Sorry for a bit of a lengthy post, just wanted to explain the situation :)

Thoughts please!


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No differences. The GC/MS is not more accurate than the emit test. It just tests for one thc metabolite.
If you already passed a home test go a little lighter on the dillution to make sure you don't get anegative dillute. Say about 30 ounces of gatorade should do it.


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Thanks mate.

Unfortunately the results won't be back for a week or so (its been almost a week now).

I think I may have overdiluted =/ I may have went past the right quantity of liquids to drink, though I'll officially know that soon enough.

Wish me luck!


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When comparing laboratory tests and rapid home tests, there are two factors which need to be looked on i.e. speed and accuracy of results. Both have their pros and cons:
Home tests gives quick results at relatively little cost, but the sensitivity level for the substance detection can vary greatly since it does not give a specific numerical result, just shows a range.
Whilst, test occurred in laboratories are performed by highly advanced medical instruments for detection of substances, hence provide better accuracy.
One of the best advantage of home test kits are that they provide rapid results in just a matter of minutes whereas laboratories take one or two days. However, in either case it’s better to consult with doctors instead of believing on any result.
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