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I love joints. To me there is no other method of smoking that makes me feel as connected to the whole smoking experience. With joints its about the process of rolling it as much as it is with smoking it. The feel of the paper sliding between my fingers, the deliberate calculated manipulation of the buds, grinding the weed to the perfect size - its a ritual that brings the smoker and their goods together. This being said I am not a one trick pony, I recognize and enjoy other forms of smoking as well. How ever to me Its all about the joints. This brings me to today's review of Raw Brand 100% organic Vegan Unbleached Hemp rolling papers.


The first thing You should know is that the name says its all. These papers are 100% organic Unbleached Hemp rolling papers. They also claim to be vegan, which I assume means no animal based glutens in the glue. I kind of always assumed when i smoked a joint I wasn't smoking any animals but I suppose I could be wrong. When you first pull a paper out of the pack the first thing you notice about them is they are thin, really, really thin. So thin they are almost transparent.


As you can clearly see you are able to read the print of the Pack quite easily. You are also able to see the contents of your joint, which delights me very much. Being thin isn't just all fun and games thought it has another great benefit. Thin papers have very littler or in the case of these Raw papers almost no taste at all. Its as if you are holding a bud and smoking it. An absolute delight. There's nothing i hate more than a paper that adds to much of its self to my smoking experience. This is aided further by the fact that these papers are 100% organic and unbleached. This means no chemicals or additives are being burned along with your green.

Given the thin nature of these papers you would expect a quick burn. You would be mistaken. These papers are incredibly slow and even burning. Up until receiving these in the mail I had settled on Zig-Zag slow burning as my papers of choice after years and years and just as many brands. I had chosen them for their slow even burn while still being a thin paper. How ever no more for me. No thank you. I have been using the Raw papers for several weeks now and I tried the Zig Zag again last night. There is no comparison. the smoke is thick and heavy compared to the raw. In other words I noticed the paper.

I'm not going to lie how ever the Raw papers as awesome as they are aren't all puppies and rainbows. There is a down side. The gum is the weak point of any rolling paper and its the most detrimental of all if your have a failure. As mentioned above the Raw papers have a natural organic gum which is great and works well, once you realize how to work with it. Its a very thin application which can easily be removed by an over eager roller. One most apply very little moister to these to get them to work. Too much and you remove it or render it too wet to work well. This of course leads to catastrophic joint failure. You know, weed on your lap. That's never good. There's another down side which of course is also one of its many pro's as well. the thickness or thinness if you well. They are - not to beat a dead horse- really thin. Which means if you are not diligent during break up and remove any bits of stem, your going to puncture. If you do not have the right delicate touch, you will rip them.

How ever even after weighing the pro's and cons these are with out a doubt the best papers I have ever had the pleasure of smoking. I have used both the 1 1/4 and the giant king size. Both have the same pro's and suffer the same con's. The king size burn as long or longer than a blunt but suffer the gum issue even more. These papers are game changers in joint world where papers are as important as the stuff you fill them. But I would caution the inexperienced roll that before using these get a good grasp of rolling first or you will burn through a lot of these papers before you get your roll right. If you fancy your self an experienced roller please do your self a favor and buy your self a pack, no a box of these cause they truly are the papers you have been waiting for your whole life.

Raw Natural Unrefined Rolling Papers
Thanks for this great review. +Reps!

I strongly second every point you've made here, there really is no going back after you've used these. They burn wonderfully and there is no taste. Sadly, I've found myself turning down something passed to me if it was rolled with a Zig-Zag now. Those things taste disgusting!

I think I've become a snob...
haha oh man. I have not used a Randy in some time. we use to use them a lot when we would go fishing that way if you want was wet you could still smoke the joint.
I always wondered what chemical burn-off was going into the lungs, as the fire hits the wire, all the way to the end. Must have burn-off, just like lead, brass, copper and aluminum.
I love Randy's, but maybe it's just because of the wire.

I personally vaporize, however when I'm going to smoke a joint, I love the Raw papers.
Yeah 420 that is actually why I stopped using them. I don't smoke out metal pipes or even bongs with metal hitters if I can afford it. the thought of harming my self with toxic fumes from heating metal while enjoying my herb is just not a happy one.

raw 300's are just as good. raw papers are definitely my biggest seller in my shop, but not only then my personal choice as well. very slow burning. with them being unbleached, it actually helps to burn nice & slow with no significant runs. great great paper.
I have found that if you lick the backside of the gum part of the paper (behind the gum instead of directly on it) this will help you from not licking off the natural arabic gum! Check it out!
I have used these, and they are now tied with "Job French Lights" for my favorite. Also tried the Zig Zag Ultra thin papers and the cellulose ones (clear)....both had bad taste or issues with rolling a decent joint (cellulose can be tricky).

Nice review and +1 for RAW Papers!!

:peace: :Namaste:
We love it RAW
Worst rolling papers I've ever used. And that sucks because I've still got several packs left (got a free box a few years ago, gave lots to my friends... and most gave them back).

100X worse than the free pack of buglers you get in a sack of tobacco. Anybody want to trade, lol?
Bought them for the first time. Very harsh paper, definitely not what they claim. Looks like a lot of hype, swag freebies and heavy marketing. It's obvious there is big money behind these, too bad they're junk. I couldn't even finish the spliff, that's how harsh they are and they also have a paper flavour. My throat is still scratchy 15 minutes after smoking half a spliff. Absolute junk!
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