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Ever time I smoke for like 5-10 mins, i get this raw feeling in the back of my throat, does anyone else have this same problem or is there any thing i can do so that it wont get that way? Thank you for your support. :bongrip:
Bro, thinkin about it, you are inhaling smoke so it does irritate your throat, maybe you are just more sensitive to it. Invest in a bubbler or bong.

Or better yet, a vaporizer, that will sort out your problem straight away.
That sucks. The way you described it "Raw" sounds really uncomfortable. I always like to have a drink nearby when toking hehe. The only time I really get a raw throat is when I cough up a huge hit too fast, and the smoke rushing by my throat walls hurts it.
Some of the things I would try:

-Take a fews days break
-Buy a nice bong with an ice-catcher
-Buy better weed
-Use a less powerful lighter
-Halls Fruit Breezers or some other throat drop

...One last thing. You aren't in the UK, are you? Cuz apparently if you are your weed might be laced with crushed glass:bong:
Try starting at the source bro. Your pot might be way to dry making it harsh. What are you smoking out of? or maybe you have strep.
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