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Raysace LED Grow Lights Discussion

Stan Yan

New Member
Hi, All

Raysace here

Though we have been manufacturing grow lights since 2008, but I am sure Raysace is still a new face for most of you in 420Magazine.:420: Yes, our online shop just launch on March 30th.

And we have been the 420Magazine Sponsor on May 1st. May Day.

We are here to serve you better. I hope it will be a place to share growing tip, to know the new trend, to have support in growing. And even a place to have new friends.

We are happy to offer all of you special coupon code to save you 10$, 20$, 30$ or even more for each purchase from our site ( Raysace full spectrum led grow lights ):high-five:

How to be a test grower and have a free grow light?
If you have good journals experience...
If you have many fans of grower here.

Just write to us to win the light, we need at least 2 test growers this month :goof:

We have rich experience in production and customized grow light, if you have any question about LED grow light, share with us, and we will find you a good answer

Grow better with Raysace LED :cheer:


Well-Known Member
Hello Stan Yan and welcome to 420Magazine. You could consider me for a test grow if you like. Although I'm not greatly experienced in growing of MJ I do have experience with writing articles and taking photographs of them (I'm a Photographer). You can check a couple of my writings, the links are in my signature. Hopefully you may get someone with more experience that will reply but until then I offer you my enthusiasm :) All the best and good luck with your range of lights.

Stan Yan

New Member
Hallo ,FeralA9X.

I am happy to know that your've upgraded your tents.
As per my experience, Light Raysace4000(Raysace4000 - led plant lights for indoor growing) would be suitable for the 4ftX4ft grow tent.

Yes, we need to find at least 2 test grower to test our light for this perioud. If you want to be our test grower. You can submit your information to my email.

As there are some other friends want to be our test grower, we need several days to find out the lucky one

Have a nice day .

Stan Yan

New Member
Hallo Kriaze,

Thanks for your interested.

I have read your post. And your writing is good. I am sure your post about "How to photograph under LED " might be helpful for other friends :goodjob:

We would consider you as our test grower. And will publish the winner here in the near future.
If you can send us more information, such as your growing experience.

Have a great day

Stan Yan

New Member

We just make a product description video, not sure whether it is good or not. If you can offer some helpful recommendation, our team might give a special coupon code


Big Budha

New Member
Stan I have grow four crops of High quality cannabis as you can see in the following pictures I would like to be considered for a grow light

Stan Yan

New Member
Yeah. hi Big Budha .
Thanks for your interested.
Sorry so long reply to you.
Your pic look very nice and very professional. I want to know do you have other journal or videos?
If you can send us more information, such as your growing experience, that would be helpful for you to win the light.


Stan Yan

New Member
Congratulations VG (USA) and Light Addict (UK) won the test grower qualifications.Other people get 10%off coupon code.Please contact us as soon as possible (stan@raysace.com):cheer:
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