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RCMP Lay Marijuana Chargs Against Slocan City Mayor's Husband

Jim Finnel

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Georges Perriere, who was allegedly caught near Winlaw in August tending to a major grow-op, is now officially charged with production of marijuana and possession for the purpose of trafficking. The bust caught a lot of attention in the Slocan Valley because Perriere is the husband of Slocan City mayor Madeleine Perriere.

The couple's two adult sons were also apprehended at the grow-op scene, but RCMP are now revealing that charges will not be laid against them.

Defence counsel for Perriere made their first appearance on Monday, Nov. 22 in Nelson Provincial Court, where Perriere's arraignment hearing was adjourned.

The judge approved the adjournment and Perriere is expected to enter his plea at his new arraignment date on Jan. 11, 2011.

On Aug. 23, Perriere was allegedly busted by camouflage-clad RCMP officers who hid for days at the grow-op site, waiting to strike.

Police seized 657 plants total at three different sites,$15,000 in cash and a 2000 GMC Sierra pickup truck.

Court documents also indicate police seized an application form to grow medical marijuana.

Since the incident Madeleine Perriere has stayed on as mayor with the support of her fellow councillors.

She addressed the incident at a council meeting in September, stating she had no idea of her family members' alleged activities and will not step down as mayor.

Members from the Nakusp and Slocan Lake RCMP detachments were involved in the bust.

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