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RDWC Question


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I got 2 rows of 3 buckets joined with 1 1/2" pipe do i need to plumb these 2 pipes into my nute tank or do you use a tee and 1 pipe back to tank. I will be using a mj1000 in nute tank feeding top of buckets. Was going to start today but just seen the 1 pipe from tank and its confused the crap out of me. Any thoughts much appreciated Emgee

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I'm assuming this a gravity flow return with a submersible pump, as long as your pump isn't pumping too much water, if it's coming out of the reservoir with 1" pipe it it can go back in with 1" pipe with little lose of flow. About the same flow as you would have gotten if you had plumbed the buckets with one inch pipe.... Don't know what size that pump is but it will add heat to the reservoir.... In hot weather you may need a chiller.... Post some pictures...


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I would recommend reading through this thread I will post below. Many people use the term RDWC for something that is not Recirculating the nutrient solution back to the top of the res or site buckets. There is mostly misinformation. It is very hard on google to put in RDWC and find an RDWC.

I only bring this up because it matters in answering your question and that is why The Doctor said "I assume you mean ..." where in he accurately descried one way of doing it.

Rdwc nutes questions

If you are not doing RDWC then the answer is different.



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Read my journals.

They are rdwc. Some call it UC. RECIRCULATING deep water culture, or Under currant. Both basically the same. A few nuances between growers like top feed vs gravity feed. But they do the same thing.


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Nope that is Undercurrent DWC... but yes people do Miss understand this and call those RDWC. But those are Undercurrent systems and do not reintroduce the nutes back to the top of the res. That is why they are called Undercurrent.

Tutorial - DWC vs RDWC : Abergreen, DIY Hydroponics Systems and Kits, Hydroponic lights, Envirolite

That is what I am saying everywhere you go on the net people are misusing that term because the fact that UC recirculates the water around makes them think they have a recirulating system. But in Hydro terms recirculation means something very specific. It means more than just moving the same water around.

Technically UC is really just an NFT on crack.
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