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RDWC Week 4 - Any Insight?

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buds are forming up nicely, 1750 ppm 68f res temp, 80f cab, 5.5 ph. Curious of everyone's opinion to how healthy she looks in general? I'm having a hard time judging.
Nutes at 1750ppm seems high, is that using 700 conversion or 500. Buds require Phosphorus and Potassium, and cal/mag, 5.5 should be allowed to drift upwards to 6.2-6.3 to allow P,K and Ca/Mg to be taken up. Check a ph nute chart for ph ranges and allow a minor rise to cover those ranges.. Potassium and time adds the weight..
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I've had all that dialed in, i've only bumped up ppms because she seems to be very happy taking them. Very hungry plant. Do my buds look small for 4 weeks? They seem to be growing much quicker now, so by the end i'm sure i'll have some nice dense fat frosty buds.


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I would also agree that the ppms seem very high especially for only 4 weeks, you might run into problems soon. There's no way of telling if the buds are small or not without being familiar with the strain and the genetics of the plant. There is some discoloring on your leaves so I would keep a close eye on that. Hope that helps, good luck.

Here's a good ph chart depending on what medium you're growing in. Hydro is on one side and Soil is on the other.