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Re-Elect Dumanis for San Diego County District Attorney in 2010?


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No way Jose, not again! San Diego County can not endure another term with the "rogue" and “unstable” County District Attorney, Bonnie Dumanis.

Currently running unopposed in the 2010 election for the position of San Diego County District Attorney, the incumbent DA has so far provided the county with a dark and sordid history of;

* Intimidation of defendants who are proven innocent.
* Bullying the courts and the judges.
* Foolish wasting of millions of tax payer dollars against county legal counsel advise in a continuing attempt to circumvent the will of the voter and to challenge laws she "personally" does not agree with.

The citizens of San Diego County and our justice system deserve a much better candidate. The once honorable position of County District Attorney must be restored to a "stable" higher standard of obeying and enforcing laws as they are written, despite personal prejudices.

So who wants the job? So far, nobody, which may have everything to do with the incumbent who currently mismanages the job. Considering unemployment in California is well over 10% and there is no shortage of individuals willing to open a medical marijuana storefront in the legally challenging environment of County of San Diego, it's hard to understand why there isn't one single interested candidate for the job of County District Attorney.

The lack of any candidate courageous enough to run for the DA's position is very likely due to outright fear of the unstable incumbent currently holding the position. Although Bonnie has created a sizable mess to clean up after, her mess is not bigger than the Iraq war or the collapse of wall-street, yet there was a long line of candidates for that job.

So who will it be? Any suggestions?

In 2003, Dumanis ran on the campaign promise that she would respect medical marijuana laws. However, the openly gay republican District Attorney flip-flopped on the issue around 2005 after a visit from the Bush Drug Czar, and she has flopped around ever since.

At the time, speculation was that she was promised a federal judgeship, but then about a year later there was the scandal were Gorge W. Bush was caught firing federal judges that didn't agree with him.

The rumor mill at the San Diego courthouse was that she has her eye on the position of California Attorney General or possibly Dianne Feinstein's senate seat..

However, all this is, of course, rumor and speculation.

Sounds like Bonnie to me, what do you think?
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