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Re-planting after 12/12

jambo stoner

New Member
i have 1 bubblegum plant that has been flowering on 12/12 for about 2 weeks, the buds have started to form, is it too late to transplant her into a bigger pot or would this coz her stress, i think she's root bound



jambo stoner

New Member
im just gonna re plant her and see what happens, coz she's definately rootbound and completely stopped growing and i dont know what else to do

fingers crossed


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I wouldnt transplant yet, stress wouldnt be worth it imo. How big is she? have any pics? what other symptoms does she have if any? doesnt seem like its root bound to me, but dont have much info.


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You'll get a lot more advice if you give a lot more information (and pics help too). Like for example, why do you think she's root bound? Are you growing in soil or soil less (coco, perlite...). There is a basic template for asking for assistance that will result in getting credible advice.

The size of the pot may be fine depending on all of the factors. 420fied has a hempy grow going in 2 liter bottle and they are doing great.

So, quality input = quality output (or if you're an old time computer guy "garbage in=garbage out").
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