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Ready for harvest?


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Hello everyone i need some help. I will post pictures form my plant and i need your help to decide if the plant is ready for harvest.

PLANT: LOWRIDER #2 auto/fem 55-63 days from seed to harvest, im on day 64
The leaves started to turn yellow 3 days ago.






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dutch dragon

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Hi greenhorn,
its virtually impossible to tell from the photos. Only you know your plants.
If over the last 2 weeks your buds have significantly increased in volume and the white hairs have withered and browned, and shrunk back into the calyx, and the calyxes are swollen up, then its time to take a closer look. You will need a 30x jewellers loupe or a powerful magnifying glass and you will need to take a look at the trichome colour. The trichomes look like stalks with drops of dew on the tops. The dew starts out life clear like water and nearing maturity will become a milky colour. When you see that about 15-30% of the trichomes have turned an amber colour they are at their peak and will start to degrade shortly. 30-50% amber will make you want to have a lie down with 15-30% amber more energetic.


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if you cannot get the looking glass, wait for the hairs (pistils) to be 80-90% turned
dutch gave a nice description
you should be safe to take a small piece from the lower section and try it out
i take a good looking but smaller piece and chop it with my stainless steel scissors and put it in a small envelope
making sure it doesn't ball up and let it set on a small lamp with a 13 watt cfl ,depending on how much it is 3-4 hours later it is quite usable
reps for getting this far
take care and good luck :xmas:


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yep best you can do if you cant check trichs about 80% red/brown hairs then yank
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