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goldchico said:
it's starting to sound like weed is like sex with the same person, after a while it ain't the same, ha ha ha, it's always good to try new things, how bout you force yourself to not smoke at all for 60 days, just quit for two months, then get the best shit you can find, and a few huge bong rips from it, i'm almost positive through my calculation that you will be high as hell, lol.
if u dont eat any munchies and just eat a meal a day three days before ur gonna start hitting again it'll hit ur even harder

Masta Shake

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since when is getting drunk for sluts? tahts lame dude.. How much does it cxost for 2 40's? like $5.... how much does it cost to get lit? like $5... Weed is no reason to stop drinking.

NYC WeedMan

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In the arab corner stores there eyes follow you all over and are shady as fuck. Sometimes I think they sell drugs there.and when you ask for something they don't even understand english so you have to point to the blunt or papers you want : left, more, more, down ,.
Ihate it there.


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The420Guy said:
cuz im smoking 20 sacks to feel it and its potent dro with tons of red hairs, no shawg, all nugs. .
buddy red hairs mean shit all to me you gotta look at the crystal content thats where its at your getting garbage weed no offence just spend the money for some good stuff quit ripping your self off

King Bongmaster

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There are 7 Days in a week
There are 52 weeks in a year.
There are 15 Blunts a day on average.
Thats approximately 5,475 Blunts a year.
At between 3-6 Grams each
thats right around 48 pounds 8 ounces a year.
And thats just the blunts​


The Highness

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The Highness said:
Ey 420guy, I think it is like this... if you smoke 3-5 dimes in a day, only the first dime is going to be nice for you and get the desiered high. Atleast for me, when I smoke, get high, then smoke again.. the second smoke is never as nice as the first. So make sure you wait long enough time so you are sober in between smoke outs. I ussually take some hitts when i wake up, then wait until midnight and then blaze again. and let me tell you, that second blaze at midnight is soooo nice. However if I would smoke in the afternoon, it wouldnt be as nice
Haha! i cant believe i was saying that just over a year ago, i ALWAYS smoke in the afternoon now a days. wow, that was a tripp back in time for me, this thread is old!
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