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Really high right now :)


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Extremely high off some Super Silver Haze... weighed out and packed a small .5gram bowl. My brother in law hooked it up with Indoor:Super Silver Haze.. for 2.8grams for $20...

How I feel: Not a body high for sure, but my head is feeling it... If I could describe it. My brain would be in a fish bowl, floating and hitting the walls... and it tingles :) - close my eyes and it feels like im droppin... Bad cotton mouth though.

Aghhh.. I thought I uploaded the pictures of the bong, packed bowl and nug. Im uploading them now, so when they get approved I'll post pictures :)

Got a new diffuser today too, last week I had it on the table and my dog bumped into it and it tipped over and broke under the bowl :(


How many people saw the Planet Earth on Discovery Channel? LOL.. and let me ask, how many of you were extremely high and saw atleast half or all of the episodes?

I sat there with a box of Rits - Peanut Butter Crackers... :51:


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Yeah its not really much, I dont have them Iron lungs...

here is a blunt I rolled a few weeks ago. Crappy cellphone picture, lows-mids... first time rolling 2-together, didn't want to get too crazy.




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Notice the PH Adjuster mounted to the wall? In the back on the right cabinet?
That thing is dope, have some nice water that way.

Ok, I just bought the Diffuser the yesterday.. this one instead of the SLITS it came with regular holes... I counted 16... I noticed, it takes a bit longer to collect but the hits are deff nice.

The homies bong in the background, that thing hits hard and is a beast.. straight feels like a gunshot to the face. And mine upfront, when I was still rockin the Electrical Tape to keep going.



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I've seen some of the Planet Earth shows. Most of them in HD. Stunning. I sat there with my mouth hanging open through most of it. The shots they get are absolutely incredible. One shot was some kind of bud inside some crazy kind of flower, getting eaten by a spider. Snow Leopards sprinting full-speed down a steep cliff. A 100 meter tall pile of bat shit covered in cockroaches. :laugh2:

For anyone who hasn't seen these, they are definitely worth watching. You won't believe your eyes half the time.


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Yeah the Snow Leopards were amazing.. to think they can carry twice their weight by their jaws up a mountain! The one with the flower that captured the insects and broke it down with enzymes it releases into the water? And the spider who's smarter and uses the flower?

The one with the JUNGLES got to me so hard... all the fungus, how you see the mushrooms grow with the timelapse camera. OMG. Im deff gonna get these on DVD sometime.
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