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Really need help

Tony Urban

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I have my fan on a timer, kicks on 3 times a day for 2 hours each time. If I had the fan on the whole time my temps would be around 70 but Rh at 30 to 40%, and that’s with my humidifier working. If I leave the fan off the temps get up to 88ish with Rh around 60%. So can’t really win either way.

With my fan on the timer, humidifier running full time, my temps are averaging 83 with Rh 53. So a balance is possible.


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going to get and inline booster fan to suck air in, then add a clip fan to the pole to get it circulating, then keep the exhaust going. Add in the humidifier and it might be good to go, but I will make changes one at a time to see what does what.
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