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Recommendation for 2x5 closet LED light and quantity


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So Canada going to legalize marijuana in few month and i wanna make a set up to grow some good stuff. I have a closet 2x5 and i will like to know how much plan i can put in that space. Im hoping to have 3-5 plan.

So my first question is what is the max plant i can put in a 2x5 closet?

Second question is what is the best light to use and how much watt i need to use?

Note i want to use led light

Thanks a lot, i just subscribe and this website rock !!


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How much headroom are you working with? I run 4 buckets along each 5' wall of a 5x5 walk-in closet. a pair of 320W 4 array Vero rails hang over the buckets. As long as you're not looking to grow trees it will work. I only do a single indoor grow each year for my meds and usually pull 18-24 oz dried from the harvest.
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