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Red Tim and his Aussie grow-out.

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Some random images from a friend, Red Tim, and his Aussie outdoor grow. The plants are bag seed with some Diesel and White Widow F2's. Most of the plants are very Skunky in appearance and aroma, and they are loving the sun. They are at various stages of growth.




White Widow F2
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Beautiful garden. Appears that there should be a large harvest per sq. ft. under the southern sun.

Smokin Moose

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Yes, this is where Nigel finds peace. I will pass the comments on to Tim. He is young and learning to grow, but his Mum is a master grower and he is a quick learner.
Summer has not been the best here, with the La Nina effect upon us after 7 years of drought from El Nino and Global warming. Lots of rain and cloud, and not too many hot days. Where I am, the weather is always good in March/April, so the sun has come at a perfect time. Hot days and cool nights, makes for great ripening.
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