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Red Wiggler Red Worm Castings


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I have been a garden enthusiast since 1975 and can attest to the fact that there is no better soil than worm castings for producing healthy, strong, potent plants of all kinds. Raising redworms is easy and good for the environment. They eat all kitchen scraps, newspapers and corrugated cardboard and turn it into soil. You will enjoy great results. thanks folks. We can get you started growing your own red wigglers so that you may enjoy growing your own even more!
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we have been growing in pure 100% worm castings, in S. Or...and the results are stupendous.... Castings are great for bloom tea supplement as well


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I quit mixing my worm castings with regular soil or amendments from the local nursery a few years back and noticed immediately that the plants were sronger, healthier and more productive. I wish more people in the San Diego area would realize this. Much of the soil here is just hardpan clay, requires lots of cultivating and amendments from the store when they could just make their own by buying from a local worm ranch. Thanks for your comment.
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