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Hi, there's cheap nutrients for hydroponics here in my country that seems to be complete, and i wish to get help if it's really good for my flowers or not. It says to be according to "Castellane e Araújo ".

There's the kit A for veg and B for bloom. All these nutes are suggested to use on 500L of water. And the suggestion on usage is for the whole vegetative plants, like lettuce and the blooming for plants like tomatoes, pepper, redpepper, strawberry, etc. but the seller couldn't tell me the ratio of NPK.

Everything is in Portuguese, but it's very similar to english as being chemical compounds, like "potássio" is potassium. Any weird name I'll specify bellow or the pictures it self will.


Ferro = Iron
Coquetel = "mix"

Being these above :



My idea is to start cheap with a lot of DIY, and use those cheap nutes so I can produce beautiful flower with a small start fund.
Thanks!! Any idea and suggestion is welcome!


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I would trust the supplier as long as the product is from a reputable company.
I make it a point to avoid nutrient sellers who cannot even tell me what the NPK (and the rest, but especially those) ratios are in the nutrients that they're selling.

An analogy: I'd never buy a car from an automobile dealer who can't tell me if the engine is a 4-cylinder, 6-cylinder, 8-cylinder - or whether that engine burns gasoline or diesel fuel.

But that's just me, lol. If someone is trying to earn income by selling a product, but they can't be bothered to learn the most basic things about that product... then fuck 'em, they can starve.
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