Religious Marijuana Is Now Legal On The Federal Level


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In Collin County the first thing that needs to be done is Judicial Oversight. This is easily done once the Citizenry is better informed. First, there is something in Texas called a "Personal Financial Statement" or PFS.

The Texas division handling this is the Texas Ethics Comission, this is forms submitted by the Judges themselves. Go ahead and start requesting Collin County Judge's PFS's and you will see they are all apparently under Vows of Poverty, and are Profitless. Their forms are basically blank.

Then you ask the SoS for the Records of their Business relationships, ask what companies they have owned, been on the board of, or are otherwise associated with. This has literally not been done with any Collin County Judges in Public and once it starts, they will change their behaviors and stop the circle jerk.

From there you go back to the Ethics Commission, and fill out a "Sworn Complaint" if you Google "Texas Ethics Sworn Complaint" you will find it. And take it to Wells Fargo and Notarize it, and you just opened an Investigation into a Judge. And once it happens 3 or 4 times in Collin County they will start to recognize.

Freedom is a Free Market.

Microcosm: in a Jail with bad Public Defenders and no access to Law Libraries, someone with a little 6th and 14th Amendment Knowledge can create a Power Structure.

On a Larger Scale, if people do not have access, access will be formed by God.


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In Texas they are ignoring the Religious claims, dismissing the cases and pretending I'm losing and they beat me.

So, in other words, they continuously refuse to arrest me, no matter how many times I tell the Judges I transported Marijuana from Colorado, and am currently growing for Religious use.

We won. Religious Marijuana is legal in Texas and Federally, and if anyone needs help just ask. If you know anyone in jail let me know.

We will be starting a Prison Ministry, and sending letters to inmates within a few months.


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Gallagher v. Austin Police Dep't, 1:16-CV-527-RP (W.D. Tex. Mar. 21, 2017)

Kerr v. New Orleans Police Department, No. 2:2013cv00525 (E.D. La. 2013)

I am the DEA now basically, And Texas AG in terms of Religious Exemption. The people occupying those roles are too busy trying to find females to give Meth and turn out, raping them while they are in Paranoid Delirium unable to function. That's what Texas' Tax dollars do.

I am morally above the DEA, I thought they were Pharmacy Chemists, they are not.


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So wait, how is it legal at the federal level. A lot of great posts but I missed that part.

The easiest way to see it is by looking at Utah v. Mooney, 2004, and Gonzales v. O Centro, 2006. Then for more detail, Normaco v. DEA.

All Drug Laws became Treaty based in 1971 after Leary v. US, 1969, cut down Taxed Drug Laws for not being applied Constitutionally. So the States are basically just making Guidance for Drs, with State Medical Boards built on Attainder Case Law. The Federal Government has Authority over Religion, as per the first 2 cases I mentioned, and various Decisions about Federal Form 225 Regulation.

So Religious Exemption is a DEA Form 225 Waiver,
And they refuse to respond. But they will investigate you and try to sleep with your Wife and mess with your Playlist instead of letting it Shuffle. They will not respond to exemption paperwork though. (Which is actually why the Tax Laws were cut down in 1969)

You can also go to your Doctor and talk about IND exemption, after showing them paperwork from this thread.
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