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Remarkable discovery about LED lights!


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I went hog crazy when I started growing my plants.

My first grow light was a Chinese nightmare, it claimed to be 1800 watts, but actually only draws 460 watts from the wall.

With Ontario Canada's hydro rates, thank got the Chinese light doesn't draw 1800 watts.

I bought an HG100 light, which I love dearly, But: The HLG light as per manufacturers claims draws 96 watts from the wall.

I built my own light with a 4x fixture from a re-store and added in 2 Feit 9 watt led's and 2 18 watt LEDs! Each bulb cost around $20 Canadian, so the whole fixture set me back approximately $80 This light fixture draws less than 40 watts from the wall. (for all 4 bulbs)!

This grow I'm noticing that my plants under the Feit home made fixture - are much healthier, and happier than the more expensive HLG board which I paid $175 CDN.

I have a light meter on my cellphone, so although it may not be that accurate, measurements are relative!

The homemade fixture cost less, draws less power but outputs more of what my plants need.

I went to Michigan yesterday and tried to find some of the bulbs in the states, but Lowes.US tells me the bulbs are no longer a stocked item.

With the remarkable performance of these bulbs, I plan to buy at least 10 more, if I can find them here in Canada.

Just thought I should share my good fortune with this forum.

The bulbs:
Feit Electric PAR38 Non-Dimmable LED Plant Grow Light
Feit Electric Full Spectrum LED Plant Grow Light Bulb

Ontario has some of the highest hydro rates in N. America, so the savings with the Feit bulbs is quite remarkable.


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