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Checking in...This garden is coming along nice considering the challenges with heat and spider mites as well as the over fertilization that happened in early flower. You can still notice leaf damage but the garden is still thriving


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getting Closer. Seems as if its a limp to the finish line. It is supposed to be HOT today and tomorrow. I decided to have the lamp click off for an hour every three hours to try to lower the temperature. I got some fox tailing going on like I have never seen before. Overall I have to say I am please with he nutrient line thus far. Some of the leaves are starting to wither more this week after. I have 1 more week of feeding and then I'll flush for a week. None of these plants are very stinky. I am curious if thats part of the genetics or if I am missing some "terpene enhancer" in my feeding. Anyway, 2 more weeks until they get chopped.


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Going to start flushing today. It has been hot, I have opened the tent flaps and that has managed to keep reduce the heat from 85 to 80. The strawberry durban has foxtailed like crazy, I will get some pics of that at harvest time. The phatoms have bigger buds but the GSC has more sugar. really looking forward to how these finish in the coming week.


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Note on the previous comment of the plants "not being stinky" I came home from work one day and pull in the garage and can catch a whiff of the ripening garden. I thought to myself that was a new development. However, I realized that I had the tent flaps open all day. The entire grow the tent is being exhausted into a carbon filter. This is my 9th or 10th grow, but only my 2nd using the filter I must have forgot what its supposed to do.


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Hope all is well in your world.

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