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Remo Nutrients - BubbleGum ChocoCandy - Sterile RDWC


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Hello members and viewers alike although I have experience this will be the first time using dwc / rdwc. I'm looking forward to the growth rates and end result , can hardly wait for some pure well flushed hydro bud.

If I don't reach 12oz a plant I will try a Live tank next time and see how it goes .

I went the dead rez this time because expenses are adding up and this was the cheapest way for me


Partial equipment list

4x 300w Mars led panels
Lumatek 600w hps

20g Brute tote for reserve
4x 5g black buckets
1 1/4" flex tubing

8w 80gph mag-drive pump ( slow recirculating )


GH dual diaphragm air pump
ActiveAQUA 4 outlet air pump
9x 4.7" stones , three in each bucket

Nutrients & supplements
4L Remo Nutrients starter bundle and 2L of MagfNifical

1L liquid KoolBloom ripening formula

1L safer gro humax , humic acid

(still want to get some Fulvic acid )

Sterile tank : DM Gold Zone water conditioner

Tent : 6' x 4' x 7' H

The seeds were planted last night in RR plugs and a hydroton bed and kept warm with a router.

The two RR plugs with white pegs are the BubbleGum the others ChocoCandys


BubbleGum- unknown genetics

ChocoCandy - Chocolate Thai x Chocolate haze

Tonight I put a CFL bulb over them to give them a added incentive and extra warmth , unplugged the router at that point as it was getting too warm.

I expect they will pop faster with the added warmth the room temperature is 68* not the best for germination.

It finally begins :cheer:


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Both Chocos and one of the Bubblegum sprouted yesterday on day 4 with the last bubblegum sprouting overnight.

Both bubblegum husks were stuck on and gently removed with tweezers

I was worried the RR'ers could be getting too wet so placed a jar over each while watering , it works well.

Plan is to hand water for about a week before filling the buckets

The panel is set at 18 inches

Week one begins


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Its been five days since germination and the little sprouts have not done a whole lot but its not uncommon for seedlings to make roots for the first few weeks , then take off like a rocket.

The Li'll ones were on a starvation diet using 1/16th strength nutrients to help tease the roots out

Shortly they will be fed their first real meal , the nutrients arrived today

Enough dragging my heals this morning swapped in a 600hps
to get this grow moving

For its first day set the distance at 24 in. and will lower a few inches a day as they acclimatize.

Shouldn't be long before they turn into actual plants


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I was using rain water and Vinegar for PH down , it did not work out well

I checked the PH some days after setting the buckets PH using Vinegar and it had climbed up to 7.4
So PH it again with more vinegar the next day its back up at 7.3

I blame the Vinegar so bought PH down today

Mixed up a fresh batch , this time using carbon filtered tap water PH'ed with GH ph down

Mix rate ended up at 2ml per u.s gal (added last after the supplements / nutrients)

Starting PH ~ 8 (after filtered water settled )

Set PH ~ 5.5

Oddly after I filtered the water the PH rose up to 9.5 after 5 hours aeration it dropped to 8 , the original PH before filtering.
Must of been a reaction from the carbon

It uses a 10 in. replaceable filter , its best to dry these out after sporadic use to help keep fresh.

Poor girls were in PH 7.3 nutrients no wonder they are unhappy

That ends today , they are officially in a proper mix damn

I will be watching the PH very closely from here on out.


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For continuity I will post fixes and progress

This morning the PH was up to 6.3 from 5.5 I reset it to 5.4 and will check it in 12hrs , with luck the pH will of settled.

It took .7 ml of PH down per u.s gal to change it from PH 6.3 to 5.4

Side note - The plants look very happy this morning look to have doubled in size and gained a healthier color overnight

If any viewers have a question down the road send me a PM rather then post your question here

I read and ask questions on relevant help threads and prefer to have this journal for a photo and procedure record for the newer dwc / rdwc user or those curious on the outcome.

With that said it appears the plants are on track and thriving , including a thicker greener stalk and bigger leaves , all in 24 hrs.

love the fast response of DWC

In a week or so I will update the thread including a RDWC drill and assembly

Nice to have the silent viewers guys ! hope I don't sound too anal ..
I am a fussy fuk sometimes.



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Almost forgot about the PPM Guide I plan to use

Nutrient Solution PPM per Stage (Suggested)

Seedlings and clones 300-400ppm 5.3-5.5 ph
early vegg 500-600ppm 5.3-5.6 ph
middle vegg 600-800ppm 5.4-5.6 ph
late vegg 800-1000ppm 5.5-5.7 ph
early flower 1000-1300ppm 5.5-5.7 ph
middle flower 1400-1600ppm 5.5-5.8 ph
late flower 1000-1100ppm 5.5-5.7 ph
ripening 300-500ppm 5.4-5.6 ph

seedlings and clones 250-350ppm 5.3-5.5 ph
early vegg 300-500ppm 5.3-5.6 ph
middle vegg 500-700ppm 5.4-5.6 ph
late vegg 700-900ppm 5.5-5.7 ph
early flower 1000-1100ppm 5.5-5.7 ph
middle flower 1100-1300ppm 5.5-5.8 ph
late flower 800-1000ppm 5.5-5.7 ph
ripening 300-500ppm 5.4-5.6 ph

Don't take it as gospel , its something I found online and will try it out somewhat.
Never know if the plants will like it unless they get a chance with it

Currently my base water is 125ppm micro Grow and flower are at 400 and cal mag is at 150ppm

PH down added 150ppm for a total reading of 825 ppm , a strong dose by any standard at this early stage and still not a sign of leaf tip burn (yet)


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7 day update

After such a shaky start to my relief the girls are starting to flourish in their watery world

More then likely will flip to 12hrs at the end of next week to get things rolling , I'm running low on Smoke !

Side note ~ picked up some hard 1 1/4" I.D PVC pipe to fit the GH # 4167 aeroflo seals 1.6" I.D , the seal package is marked 1 1/4" but it is referring to the I.D of the pipe not the outside as one would think.

I had to buy different size pipe after finding that out so thought it worth mentioning.

It will take some juggling but the rdwc will be assembled this week.


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7 day update 4 weeks today

They reached the ripe old age of 4 weeks today in celebration I set the timer to 12 & 12 , it begins.

Both Indica's are against the right wall

The taller of the two Sativa's reached 12 inches her sister to the left was stunted but thankfully started a growth spurt.

Side note - I have on order a pack of the black 3 gal half buckets when they get here I will swap the plants into them and build the rdwc.

Its will be nice dealing with a handy resivior instead of messing with the individual buckets everyday

Plants have been in the same water for around 3 weeks tomorrow they start a fresh batch of bloom nutrients.

Current ppm is 350 to 450

Ph has been dropping about 1 point every two to three days it pays to check PH daily at one point it was climbing.

For PH up I used pro silicate the stuff is FANTASTIC not only does it raise the PH quickly it provides a big growth boost.

The Silicone makes for thick flexible lush fat and green branches and leaf stems

IMO it acts as a plant Steroid in literature its stated that silicate should be included in fertilizers as a necessary macro nutrient problem is it needs to be kept separate from the NPK's until added to water.

Bonus content- found this illustration while doing research

Sure be nice if next weeks update had a rdwc in it ... I will surely appreciate it for mixing and PH'ing


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A couple pics from the nutrient swap out

I am expecting good things from them now that they are in a fresh mix they were starting to starve .. although I read a weaker solution encourages strong root growth I think i waited a week too long for this change.

3 weeks in the same nutrients / buckets with just gold zone and silicate added , now some older fan leaves are yellowing

Added gold zone at 5ml per 20 L and reapplied after 2 weeks to the old nutrients in the buckets.

I do not suggest this , I should of dumped at two weeks but got away with it.

Fresh mix Values

PPM 850
PH 5.6

I find its useful to let the nutrients sit for an hour before adjusting the PH

For instance this last mix with the Silicate started at PH 9 all ingredients in after an hour it was at 7.2
I then adjusted it down to 5.6 and let it sit for 30 minutes tested again it read 5.4 so added two gallons of PH 8 tap water to 17 u.s gal. to bump it up to 5.6.

Its sitting stable at this point
I added a 2nd aerator to the buckets for flower mode , the AquaActive 15L/pm 4 outlet has joined in with the GH Dual 20L/pm output


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7 day update week 5

The Girlz had a uneventful week with one PH adjustment from 6.3 to 5.8 where it held for the duration. I did one thing wired the tallest Sativas top to its stalk bend at 90* to start her training. That's it for this update I am about to build the rdwc , my laptop blue a fuse so to speak it shut down for good poof , I pulled this update off on the phone. Nute change in two days when I hope to have them in the rdwc
The smallest indica is 13" the rest are 16 " or taller. It's nice to see them grow making me happy !


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The RDWC was assembled today

Finally got the rdwc built and without a leak or incident. Was a literal piece of cake to drill sand the holes and mount the pipe in the grommets. With a filed edge and some spit the pipe fit snuggle into the grommets with a water tight seal. The drill is 1 7/8" and is the key to making a water tight fit , the added spacer forces the inside grommet face tight against the bucket for a sendary seal in case the first was to fail, grommet part # 4167 Gh 10 per bag.
I drilled and cut a square off a old 5 g bucket to make the spacer. Tomorrow I plumb the resivior in on outside of the tent. Until next weeks update I'm outta here , Keep happy.


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7 Day update , week 6
I added two layers of pipe insulation to the schedule 40 pvc pipe. Schedule 40 is a rating for the ithicker high psi pipe , I choose it for its rigidity at the seal. Plants have been eating like mad Curently on the 3rd nutrient top up from 850 to 400 and back to 850 ppm's. PH has been steady at 6.2 so I let it be. Tomorrow is nutrient swap out day I will update with photos of the Resivior and it's maiden run. Remember Rock on !


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Looking good over here LB. I was looking at these nutes. How do you feel about em? The girls look good so obviously they do the trick well.


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I filled the tote to the top with the valve off and mixed up the nutrients , drained the buckets and released the valve to fill the buckets. A near perfect amount was left as shown in the pic. It's a 20 gal brute tote.Its a self levelling system changing spouts changes the depth if so desired.Tomorrow I pick up some decent hose and plumb the mini pump in insulate the line then it will be cycling. The air pump next to the tote is about 20 - 25 years old still quiet for 6 watts, I have this 65 Lph air pump on order
Used the little guy to drain the buckets , it does 2.5g a minute so it appears to be a 150 gph pump. I bought it about 20 years ago back in the day for a 4 laundry tub hydro Grow , have not used in years n years , it's going to be the main rdwc in tank pump.
I am using the nutrients at about 60 % suggested , 1/4 cup micro and bloom to 20 gal 1/8th cup of cal mag 1/8th cup humid acid 1/8th cup cool bloom and 20ml silicate 20ml Gold Zone , water conditioner for a total PPM of 900. That's it for this weeks update , Keep happy and out of trouble !


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7 day update 7 weeks, 3 weeks of 12!12 today

This chart sums it up
This morning there was two inches in the reservior so mixed up a fresh batch
Last night the ppm was at 640 this morning 320
conveniently the plants drank the reserve leaving the ppm between 830 & 750 ppm for the last 5 days with a solid 6.2 ph drifting to 5.8 on the last few days. It has me thinking that its their sweet spot. Although They will get hungrier and hungrier as the buds develop so will the nutrient uptake , they will let me know when they want more by stripping the nutrients out of the water.
. Later I will take a few photos with the led off and update the post. Almost forgot to mention the plants just started making Budlets , cute lil bud heads.


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I plumbed in the pump last week with 3/8 poly tube inside pipe insulation and run to the furthest buckets lid , where I drilled a hole and mounted the 3/8 barbed fitting like the pne on the tote.
And some clear pics of the plants.
The buds begin , Oh boy my favorite part !


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7 Day update , 8 weeks today , 4 weeks of 12/12 , 1st week with bud heads.

To bump up the illumination unplugged two of the LED panels and plugged in two 600w cooltubes hung slightly offset with the two remaining led panels being left over each sides smaller plant.

On the Sativa side we have one larger Coco and one smaller Coco on the Indica side there is also one smaller variety and one larger. Damn near *always* get one short and one tall plant with seed strains ..

Added two large air stones to six 4.7" air stones in the reservoir along with a 2nd 230 gal water pump plumbed to the first Indica bucket ,3rd plant down the line so its gets and passes on freshly oxygenated water to the next Indica like the sativa side does.

Ph was between 5.7 and 6.1 , PPM was 900 drifting to 800. For top ups added in total 9 gallons of nutrients and 3 gallons of water this week.

They are setting little bud heads all over I did a mild defoliation at the start of this week say about 20 leaves removed from each plant to open the lower sites to some light.

Using a box fan on medium speed for air flow

Tomorrow I will plug in one more LED panel and use it between the cooltubes , no need for the other panel yet.

Well that's it for this weeks update , remember be nice to your plants check the PH daily !


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7 Day update 9 weeks today , 5th week 12/12 , 2md week with buds

Added the led panel between the Coco and bubble gum plants to illuminate the lower sites

That's the smaller Indica in the foreground , notice its top leaves perkiness , quite happy under the led

Hung two panels in a row to illuminate the smaller of the Coco's

The larger Coco

The larger Indica's buds have been developing the earliest

The silicate I am using cost $10 for 500 ml

Picked up Remos Astroflower it should last me a long time like a few years


Its been smooth sailing this last week , PH stable at 5.9 , Yesterday pumped the buckets and made a fresh reservoir up set the PH to 5.8 later it was at 6.2 good enough its stable so will be left as is.

I am keeping the HPS about 19" inches off the larger Coco and about 15" or so away from the larger Indicas leaves

Smaller Coco's led panels are about 10 inches away same for the smaller Bubble gum

Temperature and humidity lights on steady at about 85 degree 50% humidity

Lights off 65* and 45 to 50% humidity

News flash I may of delayed the flowering by 10 days due to a power supplies blue led light

it was removed 10 days into 12/12 and explains the painfully slow flowering.

With that said , Remember to check inside your tent or room for stray light at lights off... it could cost you a few weeks .. (damn and me about out of weed )

guess I needed to sober up and didn't know it.. haha
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