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"Renovating my growroom"


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Ok, so I have decided to re-do my grow room after my current grow, before I get my beautiful White Russian babies in there. There are a couple of things that I am going to do. First off, i am going to get a 400W switchable light and give the 1000W that I have now back to my friend, cause i have to give him some free weed every harvest and i dont want to do that anymore. Plus I am only doing 6 plants in hydro(DWC) after I get a white russian mother, so a 400 will be suitable for that. Plus, my electric bill has doubled...and it sucks having to pay all that cash. But since the new light isn't air-cooled like the new one, I am sure that it will get pretty hot in the closet. The ballast is actually inside the hood lighting fixture!! So I am going to vent the growroom like crazy. This is where I need your help. I dont know if I am going a bit overboard cause my closet is probably(im guessing) 6x6x8 at the max. I am planning on ordering three 250CFM inline duct fans from home depot. Supposed to be very quiet. One of them will pull air from the grow room through a carbon filter(that im going to build) into the attic. The next fan will just be set on the floor, pulling air through another carbon filter. For the last fan I am going to cut a hole through the wall and put a neat little dryer vent going from my room into the closet. This will be connected to the last inline fan and it will pull cold air from my room(my AC is always around 72), into the grow room. Hopefully this will allow me to put a lock on the closet door and keep it shut. But my main concern is if it will vent the room too fast to use co2. I am planning on ordering this product Hydro Wholesale offers Wholesale Hydroponics, HPS and MH Grow Lights,
Hydro Wholesale offers Wholesale HydroponicsCO2 .5 to 15 CFH
and i want to know if the co2 that is in the room will be sucked out through the fan. Damn, im really high and just typed a shitload. Please let me hear your input experts.
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