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Repairing a broken vaporizer


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My mom has a hands free whip vaporizer that she uses (she has cancer)

and the switch was turned on the last time it got plugged in....

Something in it got fried because of this... i was looking online for a replacement switch and i haven't been able to find one.. i can solder but i dont understand the schematics or internal workings of a vaporizer.

Anyone know where i can find information about repairing one or a replacement switch (i think its the switch that got fried... might be the whole heating element...) but its one of the ones that is like a dial so you can turn it up and down...

Any help would be appreciated.. i thought it would be a good late mothers day present specially since she has been in a lot of pain lately and i know it helps.....



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mabey you could take it to a local electrical repair shop.....if she uses it for medicinal purposes they should have no problem....right?
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